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New to speaker repair. I have an old pair of 3 way MCS Series speakers that I bought from JC Penney back in the early 80's. Always thought that they had really good sound and would like to use them. The foam around the woofers is gone and they need to be re-foamed. Cones look OK. Can I replace the woofers instead? There's very little info on MCS speakers online. I think the speakers are Technics or Panasonic. Sticker on back of speaker cabinet - Model # 683-8321, Impedance 8 ohms, Frequency Response - 65Hz - 20, 000Hz. Also looked at the wiring and it looks like its a crossover because it's 3 way.

I ordered a pair of Pyramid WH8 Woofers from Amazon. They are 8 ohms and Frequency Response is 75Hz-5000Hz. Not expensive woofers, but will they work as a replacement? Speakers will not be for everyday use and probably only going to use them with the original MCS Audio Receiver.
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