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Help with finishing my own front baffles

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I posted another thread a few weeks ago on cutting rabbets in my cabinet to accept a pre-fabbed front baffle (for some front 2-ways). While that worked out well, I want to explore how to make my own baffles. When time allows I would like to make a front baffle that has more "personality". I like the idea of being able to remove the front baffle if I need to tweek to x-over, for instance.

My main question is about finishing the front baffle. I typically see baffles painted a black color, usually with a flat or satin finish. What type of paint, tools and application processes do you guys use to achieve a nice clean look? I consider myself a highly proficient DIY-er and have done auto painting, but never furniture (or speaker baffle) painting. I don't mind spending a little extra for better paint and equipment. I can justify the equipment cost via future projects biggrin.gif

Should I look at an HVLP paint gun similar to those used for auto painting? Or are there sprayer assemblies that work well for this type of painting? I have a compressor so could go the HVLP route.

I assume prepping the baffle is critical as with auto painting. So using a few coats of primer and sanding in between primer coats would be advisable.

Thanks for the advice!
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Rattle can truck bed liner makes for a quick and easy finish. It's very forgiving, and dries quite hard after a few days. Just be sure to seal the wood first or you'll waste a lot of paint.

Now, if you want a "piano black" finish, get out your paint gun and start the build-up/sand down/build up/sand down cycle with black, then with clear before you sand for final finish, not unlike a car. This explains the popularity of rattle cans...

Have fun,
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Interesting, thanks. I am not going for the smooth as glass piano finish, just something that looks professional and clean. I actually prefer a satin finish over a high gloss finish.
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