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"3D Ready" Projector with DLP-Link Glasses, WIndows 7 machine & totally lost

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I went to this knowing 0% and after about a week of research I feel like I'm at 5%.

I bought an inFocus IN116 projector (1280x800) "3D Ready" and two pairs of DLP-Link glasses. Idiot me thought it would be as simple as putting the glasses on, flipping the "3D On" option in the projector setup and everything would magically appear 3D. biggrin.gif Long story short I'm running a Windows 7 Media Center PC with ATI Radeon 4200 series video, HDMI out (25' to the projector) and I've tried all sorts of videos claiming to be 3D. The closest I've come so far is at the projectors native resolution (1280x800), using Software Page-flipping in Stereoscopic Player, I can see "sorta-3D" on a side-by-side MKV file. It adds some depth but definitely not true HD. The god news is it doesn't flicker or lag.

I've tried WinDVD (it crashes every time) and tried downloading DDD drivers (not sure if it helped?). I've also tried in 800x600 at 120hz refresh and got absolutely nothing, not even "sorta 3D".

I suspect my video card isn't good enough and/or the projector isn't good enough. But before I send back the glasses and scrap the whole 3D project I figured I'd reach out and see if I can somehow get this to work with the equipment I have. Not looking to buy NVidia's package or invest much more into this.

Thanks in advance.
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I'm not a total expert, but I believe you need an HD 6xxx/7xxx video card that supports MVC hardware decoding and Frame packing output. I don't know anything about your projector either. But, have you tried using TotalMedia 5 or any other playback software? I think you are right about your video card. It probably does not have HDMI 1.4
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I've tried WinDVD but it just crashed repeatedly during playback of any of my SBS 3D movies. I also tried another one, Tri-something or other. It seems to play at about 20 fps which makes no sense to me, couldn't find a setting to play it right. Media Player, Media Player Classic and Stereosopic Player are the only three that will play my files. Only the latter (in software page-flipping mode) comes close to 3D output.

According to this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unified_Video_Decoder

My video card is only UVD 2 enabled and needs to be 3 for MMV decoding and 120hz 3D support. That sucks because this is a tiny form factor Dell Zino I'm sure my video card options are limited. is there any way around this? Anyone?
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Ok so heres an update ... I have a Sony Vaio all-in-one that I knew had newer graphics. I brought it down to the theater room and the 3D worked like a charm. Stereoscopic player, side-by-side 3D file, DLP-Link glasses ... perfect 3D.

And because my little media center can actually play the 3D files without skipping or lagging I'm assuming the problem isn't RAM or processor speed ... its probably the video card. The ATI Radeon 4200 just isn't powerful enough.

Heres the problem, this is a Dell Zino, one of those tiny boxes like a Shuttle ... no graphics port, the video is on board. No expansion slots at all. The only thing I have to work with is USB 2.0.

Can I get an external USB 2.0 video card capable of passing through 3D video? HDMI 1.4 I guess?
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I don't think the OP is around anymore but I have this same projector but I have a Intel G530 so I don't know if it supports 3D SBS?

However I came here to say that software Steroscopic Player is pretty cool! Out of all the stuff I tried I can finally see some depth on the projector but I don't think it's at it's strongest..

I do have a VIP 3D theater coming in the mail but my 3D glasses came in today so I was eager to try them out.. one thing is on SBS files in the player how do you get it to expand in the window? Full screen it still only takes up the middle part of the view.
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