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The touchscreen of my 4 HD is UNresponsive since a while. I have to reboot the sytem very often, for instance after using my i phone as remote the only way, in order to leave te message "unit is being controlled by an i phone" I have to reboot the system, because no matter how hard I press the screen, nothing happens( while system says: Please tap the screen to leave...". Also it is not possible to recalibrate the screen, because using the cap of a pen in order to move the + does not help. The + stays in the left corner of the screen. Downloading the latest softwareversion does not cure the issue either. Actually, since SV I am not able to download the update, but have to use an USB stick instead to do so. The helpdek of Olive isn't able to give any clue.... I do hope one of you, members, have any clue. Does it harm to reboot the Olive frequently???
Kind regards,
Bram Hillen (Holland)