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3D Projectors - For 3D Console Gaming.

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Hi everyone. Im a massive fan of 3D gaming. And on a mission to find a 3D projector that can do 3D gaming with the smallest input lag.

Here are my requirements:

1. 1080p for blu ray and XBOX720 and PS4 ready.

2. Minimal input lag IN 3D MODE. This is very important as some projectors are awesome in 2D but the input lag is awful in 3D.

Input lag below 40ms would be good, ideally in the 20ms. I play fast paced games such as super star dust and FPS. I want to still be able to snipe and get head shots just as successfully as when i am playing in 2D, but i want to be able to do all this in 3D (if the game allows).

I know this is possible as on my 3D plasma TV and my Sony HMZ-T2 the input lag is so low it does not hinder my performance.

3. Ideally this projector should have zero or minimal ghosting, so DLP would be preferable but i understand Lcos and other technologies are pretty good these days.

4. Good 2D image quality for movies.

Ive already started my search and am starting to think this is impossible, at least for native 1080p projectors. It seems that console games are mostly 720 native res and the act of upscaling to 1080p then displaying in 3D causes the input lag. Maybe this thread will prove me wrong and other members can tell me about their experiences.

Can those who own 720p 3D projectors report on their 3D gaming input lag?

I have already tried the optoma HD33 and the panasonic AE8000/AT6000. While they are both perfect for 2D console gaming. In 3D, even with "game mode" active and all the image processing turned off. The input lag greatly increases to about 100ms and this makes gameplay very sluggish and dissatisfying.

The optoma has no cross talk and only minimal almost non existent ghosting so its great for gaming. The panasonic had awful crosstalk, i dare say in my experience xtalk of 1st generation 3D TVs, this blown up to 85in makes gaming very unsatisfying and distracting.

Two projectors could be the answer, maybe their owners can chime in. But please remember to only give me feed back on their input lag In 3D GAMING as i already know they are both very good for 2D gaming biggrin.gif

These projectors are the Epson TW9100 ( this latest model has a "Game Mode" unlike the previous model.

The Sony HW50es, this projector has an amazing 2D input lag of below 20ms. But whats it like in 3D mode?
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Update Feb 2013:

Just purchased a GT750. In 3D mode it certainly feels lag free. Infact its input lag is much lower than my Sony Hmz-T1! This totally suprised me as i was lead to believ the Hmz had next to no lag. Now that i have the GT750, i can clearly see in FPS in 3D mode the GT750 feels very smooth, while the hmz feels sluggish in comparasion. However the image quality of the hmz is far superior.

Ill spend a few nights playing games and report back if i can get over the very low contrast ratio if the GT750.

As a side not darbee at 70% in full pop greatly enhances the look of the GT750.
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