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Receiver help for my Infinity Primus 163's

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So the receiver I have now is the Yamaha HTR-6030 and I plan on using that for my computer setup and buying a new receiver for my home theater stuff. So with that being said, is there any reason this receiver wouldnt work well for the computer? Or is there a good, cheap alternative for the computer? (around $150?). I wont need it for much, just optical out I believe and 2.0 setup and maybe later upgrading to a 2.1 at the most on my PC.

On a related note, for my home theater setup, I also purchased the Infinity 363's and want to know whats a good receiver I can use for those? In the immediate future I see myself getting the PC351 center channel speaker and using a 3.0 setup with a good possibility of going to a 3.1 shortly after. That will be a 'for sure' thing (the 3.0). However, I could also really see myself going up to a 5.1 (Not any higher really, and if I do I will make the necessary changes then). So any help on finding a good receiver for this setup would also be appreciated.
I saw this one and was curious about it because the price was nice.

What will be hooked up to it would be my satelite TV and my PS3. I couldnt see myself needing more than maybe 3 HDMI inputs on a receiver. 4 wouldnt hurt but I doubt I would need that.

Thanks in advance!
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So many people viewing this board in particular I figured it wouldn't take so long for responses to come in. =/ Was hoping to bounce a couple ideas around and research some tonight. Ah well.
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That Yamaha RX-V373 will be perfectly fine for your needs.

So would this Pioneer
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Thanks! Also here's is one other receiver I am interested in as well and would wonder what most people would get.


And, I found it as a refurbished item for $50 less and i'm wondering what the popular opinion is on refurbished items. Are they worth taking the risk on?
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