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This is driving me nuts: HX850 vs GT50

Poll Results: Which would you choose if you are in my shoes?

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    Panasonic 55" GT50
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    Sony 55" HX850
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So I am from north of the border. Here the Panny Plasma at a specific size is far a few in between. As such their prices are horrible. So I am down to the 55" HX850 for $1.8k vs the 55" GT50 for $1.85k. I did try to demo, but again, finding a store that has both units of any size at all, and also let you play with the calibration settings, is almost impossible.

One occasion I saw the 60" GT50 playing the Panasonic demo disc and I was completely wowed. Katy Perry's skin tone is the best I've ever seen outside of a good IPS computer monitor. Black is inky and there's just a very natural feel to all the images, from music video to the Formula 1 footage they were showing.

On the other hand, I stepped into Visions and they had a hockey game on across the rows and rows of TVs they have on the wall. One of them is the 55" GT50. No matter how the salesmen tuned the settings, I was not impressed. It looked extremely dim compared to the others, and with a yellow cast. Obviously I did recognize that the other TVs were overly bright and had instead an extremely blue cast. But the dimness and yellow tint just put me off completely.

The HX850 looks all right, but none that I saw wowed me the way the Panny did with their demo disc. That said, nor did the HX850 ever got shown in a way that would put me in as much disappointment as much as the Panny did with the ice hockey game.

In terms of my viewing environment, there are a lot of windows on the right hand side of the TV. There is blinds, however they are not completely opaque and is beige in color (not as efficient in blocking light as black). That said, the HX850 seems to be the one with more glare anyways?

I am not considering hauling the Panny from south of the border, just in case anyone's gonna propose that.

Anybody able to tell me which one I should go with and put me out of my misery? Thanks!
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I'm in the same boat was considering the ST50 though against the 850

however i read that the Pannys are susceptible to Burn-In especially during the first 200hrs and that has me hesitant due to how family members use the tv so i went with the Sony

something to consider smile.gif

good luck
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I would get the sony, I was planning on getting a plasma myself but the risk for IR is to great as I mostly game. Im probably going to have to wait for the w900a as the hx850 is pretty much out of stock everywhere I've looked or extremely overpriced.
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Thanks for all the help all. I ended up settling for a HX850. A little less hassle and more flexible. But most importantly, I can find stock for the unit at locations where there's a 30 days refund policy. If there's any reason for buyer's remorse, I can still refund it. Places where I can find the GT50 all wants restocking fee if I refund. If I can tune this thing close enough to what I was seeing from the GT50, then will most probably just live with this for the new couple of years.~
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don't forget Sony Listens, it's the best part of owning a Sony TV IMHO, worry free ownership is a complete relief for me.
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