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Adding Speakers to HT

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Looking for some input.

I've had the same 5.1 setup for a few years now and am thinking about moving to a 7.1. My current setup is as follows.

2x Front Klipsch WB-14
1 Center Klipsch WC-24
2x Side Surround WB-14
1x HSU Subwoofer

Currently, the side speakers are on the ends of my couch. I'm thinking about moving the side surrounds to the front height position and then picking up a pair of the WS-24's and utilize them as my side surrounds.

WS-24: http://www.klipsch.com/ws-24-surround-speaker

Any input on this? Would there be a discernible difference with the new side surrounds?

The only downside is that they wouldn't be evenly spaced in my living room (couch is in a corner), but I think I could adjust for this with Audyssey. I would also mount them up high on the wall and not set them on the stands which currently hold the bookshelf speakers.
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Allot depends on size of your room and your reciever. Just my two cents... In a 7.1 / 7.2 system front heights make more differance than another set of surrounds.

More sound gets generated from front heights than rear. Now mind this is not a scientific analysis... Just from what I have heard from 7. systems.

For front height speakers...get direct speakers...tons out there. Keep your side surrounds where they are smile.gif
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That's what I was planning on doing - moving the current side surround speakers (direct firing) to the front height position - AND then buying the WS-24's from Klipsch and using them as my side surround speakers.

I'm just wondering if utilizing a true "surround" speaker is better than what I have now - direct firing bookshelf speakers.
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