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Hello all.
first of all sorry for my english, i hope this is the right place to post my issue.
I have three films (with both BDMV and CERTIFICATE folders in them) full 1:1 that i 've written on a 50gb BR disc.
The first plays good, but the second has a problem. The BD650 checks the disc and tells me "bluray disc", after that the play triangle icon appears for 2 sec about, but after that, not like normally happens with the right playback, the screen remains black and the timer blocked on 0:00:00.
All the 3 films are provided by the same person, that's why i would suppose that if the first is good all the others should be too.
I have written the disc in UDF with both nero and img burn but nothing changes.
If someone has any idea or suggestion to give me to bypass the problem it would be very appreciated.
I could also post the report of the film folder made with bdinfo (the only i know to make report of folders of 1:1 br films) if you ask me.
Thanks in advance

heek br