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Anyone had to warranty a Harman kardon reciever or amp?

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Did they make you pay to ship it to a warranty station or drive it there? Or did they just send you another one with a pre paid label to put the old one in? I talked to someone over there and they seem to think I should either drive 200 miles round trip 2 times (drop off and pick up) to the nearest service center or fork out for shipping on a 50+ pound package which starts getting expensive when you add shipping insurance for a $1500 unit. Is this how it's supposed to go or did I get a mean tech support guy?
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Well alritey then.
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HK warranty service is one of the best in the business in my experience. IIRC their policy is to pay for anything that needs to be sent back if its inside a 30 day window. And if they are using more than one service center thats news to me. Everything I've ever had to get repaired was sent to their service center in Georgia IIRC. As soon as they receive the item and check it out they send you a repaired unit of the same model - and if they are out of them they send the newer model if they have any. Turn around time has been under 3 weeks.
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I had crap experience with them, they told me they would replace my avr due to known issues and faults with it even HK said this, but they never came good, never heard back and they pretty much ignored it. Will never buy or support HK after this.
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Had a defective HK receiver, they upgraded me to a newer model with more features.

guess everyone's experience isn't the same.
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One of my close friend bought avr254 after checking out mine. His hdmi out crapped out. Initially they directed him to drive to their nj repair center and get it repaired. The repair facility did more harm to the receiver than anything. So HK insisted that my friend ship it to them for replacement. So he argued that he should be sent a shipping label at least. They agreed and he got a new receive avr2600 instead, because avr254 was not in production.
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The main problem is the headphone jack came half way loose and I can't get my phones in far enough to click all the way without the jack moving inward from the pressure. I could probably fix it pretty easily, but would they be able to tell it was opened if I had to warranty it in the future? I probably just need to take the top part off with a few screws and pop the jack back into place or tighten something down. I've been building my own computers forever and it doesn't look much different in there.
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I've had to pay for shipping to them to get an AVR serviced, exchanged actually. Didn't try asking for them to send me a shiping label. Should have, though, 'cause UPS' cheapest from Hawaii was was $180+! At least I got a working AVR out of it...
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What are the odds they can tell if the unit was taken apart before causing them to void the warranty?
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My Motorola DCT-3416 had a tattle tale on it. Fortunately you can buy them on ebay so no one is the wiser. I would open it up and see if you can rectify the problem yourself. Take it out of the rack and put it where you have good light. Make sure you have a decent quality screw driver so you don't chew up the screw. They can be pretty tight. Most avr's I have opened, tip up from the back. If you don't feel comfortable doing that , find a local shop that will look at it for you or a techy friend.
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Looks like it's held in by 2 dabs of weak, soft glue LOL. They gave me permission to let my dad work on it without voiding warranty since he used to be a service guy for them. Pretty sad how easily it came apart.

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Got the headphone jack in solid with a couple dabs of goop but still getting an occasional noise in the left ear of my phones that seems to have no apparent pattern. The unit also randomly makes a clicking noise like when you select an input but nothing happens. Not sure if I'm over reacting by asking them to fix it. I mean, it works but the point of spending $1400 was to have perfect sound. I'm torn.
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