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So I like my current TV which is a 50" Pioneer 5070PU, however I just moved, and am pondering an upgrade, which is an expensive upgrade

I am thinking about going with a new component rack: Salamander Audio Berlin 336 & Upgrading to a PANA 65"VT series (versus waiting for ZT)

The component rack I believe I lke regardless will do a wall mount and lights underneath for the floating effect

Currently running AVS (Von Schweikert) LCR 15x3 up front LS 150 x2 in back and sub VRS1 with a denon avr 3805 for sound

I am going to have a tilt mounted at a 30 degree angle, however my huge concern is that the TV (PIO) will underwhelm in the new room, and I need to upgrade - and the room opens up to the dining and kitchen area (loft style open floor plan)

So want some advice with that length of direct viewing do I need to upgrade to keep the proper size (from what I have read it appears I do but want some other opinions I am having trouble pulling the trigger on another 2500 for a new TV) and I do not have a spot that the wife will allow the 50" PIO to go to, so I might end up selling it etc (I have a spot I want to put it, but that is another story :P )

One other side question: Is that silver edge on the PANA 65"VT the stand or the actual TV I looked at it today and thought it was the stand but wanted to confirm