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Bd 1.4 or dnp 23-23

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I am trying to decide between the bd 1.4 and dnp 23-23. The .8 versions of both products are out because I do not believe they will be bright enough.

Here is my delima. I am wanting to go with a 110 inch screen. With that size my throw ratio will be 1.625. The bd claims you need 1.2 and the dnp states a minimum throw of 1.8. My fear of the dnp is hot spotting and bad sparkling. Do I really need to meet the 1.8 ratio?if not will this screen perform better than the bd 1.4 even with a 1.625 throw ratio?

I have samples of the bd 1.4 and its impressive but I do notice a pretty large drop off when putting the samples to the far sides. The dnp is also way brighter. In fact if the gain really is 2+ it maybe too bright even in Eco mode (over 27fl)

Anyone care to throw an opinion out there?
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1.6 vs 1.8 ratio, does the 1.6 mean you have to have the projector further back than the 1.8, or closer ?
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The Black Diamond has a much more dramatic drop-off in brightness as you move off-angle and it color shifts as well. On the other hand, the BD will do a better job of reflecting ambient light coming from the side of the screen. I have a 100" diagonal 08-85 DNP and it is plenty bright for me. I have a SIM2 C3X-E mounted at around 13.5 feet. It is spec'd at 2500 lumens, but I don't know what it's really putting out. It has been calibrated, which usually results in a lower output.
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