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Yamaha RX-V 473/573 coupled with speakers with integrated woofers

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I might be completely wrong but here is what i want to achieve - a "5.1" system without dedicated subwoofer. I think for a speakers with build in woofers but would like the woofers to get different signal (the low frequencies) not the same as the drivers.

Is that possible at all? If yes will Yamaha RX-V473 do the job (maybe V573 but i do not need 7.1)?

Excuse me if posted in the wrong place!
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If you mean something like these http://www.definitivetech.com/products/bp-8020st then you will be fine. Speakers like these have both speaker-level and LFE (subwoofer) inputs. If you have a pair, you'll have to use a Y-cable to split the ".1" channel coming out of the receiver to both speakers.

You don't need 7.1.
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All i need is a y-splitter and speakers with two separate inputs (for the speakers and the woofer)? Nothing like bi-amping and crossovers?
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Bi-amping is a separate issue. What do you mean by "built-in woofer"? Do you mean passive (i.e., normal) speakers that simply have the capability for the woofer to be amplified separately (bi-amped)? Or do you mean ones like those Def Techs I linked to, which have separate powered subwoofers in the speakers?

If you want to bi-amp speakers from the receiver, you'll need at least the RX-V573. If you mean speakers with built-in powered subwoofers, the 473 will do.

What make and model speakers are you considering? That will make it an easier question to answer.
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I am considering only the receiver (have doubts which to choose RX-V 473 or 573) - as for the speakers i was wondering if it is possible not to have a dedicated sub. I hope that one of the two receivers can feed a front towers with integrated woofers (to substitute the missing sub, as much as possible) while filtering the signal to the woofers.

What kind of setup would allow me to do it using just a receiver and if there are special requirements which would not allow RX-V 473 to do it then i would go with RX-V 573. As for the speakers i might get them later but would like to know what to look for - any specs?

At the end if its not possible to feed the woofers only with low frequencies then i would go with a dedicates subwoofer (though i would like to avoid it) and towers without woofers (or its better to have towers with woofers)?).
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I finally see what you want to do, and you can't really do it. Here's why.

When you bi-amp speakers using a run-of-the-mill receiver like the 573, there is no "crossing over" happening in the receiver. The receiver outputs the full frequency over both bi-amped channels to each speaker. Any crossing over is performed inside the speaker.

Now, if you don't connect a subwoofer to a 5.1 receiver, it will just output the .1 low frequencies to the front speakers. However, as I wrote above, even if you bi-amped the speakers, those low frequencies will go to the tweeter/midrange driver too. So you're not getting the total separation that you would by sending the .1 to a dedicated powered subwoofer.

A pair of speakers with woofers (10" or 12", or even 8") can still produce lots of bass, even if it's not the exact ".1" idea that you're looking for. If you intend to drive large speakers though, you might consider a receiver with more power than the 573.
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Thank you very much @JBWIII for dedicating time! Exactly what i was interested in!
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