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Greetings from Mexico: My HT-Media room....

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Hi y'all:

I want to show you my home theater - media room. I'm from Mexico and I really want to know your opinion on my room. Try to understand that I don't have as many options as you have in the States for gear. I've trid my best and I always searching for the next additon or even better, upgrades.

So here you have several photos, enjoy and feel free to comment....

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Hello and welcome. Thanks for sharing your space, Looks good and for not having as many options as those of us up here in the States you have done pretty well by the looks of things. If you could also share your the size of your space and the equipment you do have and share what you would like to upgrade when you have a chance.

Welcome to the madness!


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Thank RTROSE and all to those who’ve maybe seen my Theater. The room dimensions are 10’ by 11 with a little square off. It is like an L shaped room.
About the equipment, I have the following stuff:

* Display: SAMNSUNG PN51D450 (Non 3D or SMART, 720p plasma).
*Blu-ray player: PIONEER BDP-140 (HDMI to the display, TOSLINK to the AVR)
*A/ V receiver: HARMAN KARDON AVR 154 (HDMI video only, no lossless formats).
*5.1 speaker system: HARMAN KARDON HKTS 20BQ.
*Game console: XBOX 360 ARCADE (Added 60GB HDD, same connections as the Blu-ray player).
*Satellite receiver: DISH (Mexican version, no HD channels or digital audio, S-Video and red & white RCA to the AVR).
*My HDMI cables are AUDIOQUEST Pearl series and my TOSLINKS are Monster’s.

For upgrading I have a lot of wishes, but let me say that in Mexico many things don’t exist on the stores or its price is too high compared with yours:

First of all I want a better display; I have seen a SAMSUNG PN60E530 at a decent price. It is not 3D, which I don’t really care, but it's 60-inch and it is 1080p.

About the player, my dream is an OPPO, but here in Mexico is impossible to find without any ridiculous price tag (twice you would pay there in the States). So after reading the top picks of home-theater.com, I want a Panasonic BDP-DMP-BDT220 or a Sony BDP-S790. The Pioneer works fine but the streaming options are short for that brand here in Mexico, so I think I will go better with those, I’m just waiting for a bargain to get one of those.

I like my AVR a lot. It’s old, but I got it new for less than 200 bucks, which is a good price here for that kind of gear. So I’m realistic because is going to be the most difficult upgrade because the price and availability here in Mexico. Obviously I want a new 7.1 AVR but I will wait until I find a good chance for a fair price. I have seen the option of using its 5.1 analog inputs for lossless audio, but I have not found any decent player with those here in Mexico.

I’m happy with my speaker system. It’s perfect for my room size. Maybe the only upgrade will be changing the front left and right speakers for the HARMAN KARDON HKTS 30 satellite speakers. The HKTS 20BQ system and the HKTS 30BQ have the same central speaker, so If I buy those will be like having the front end of the HKTS 30BQ plus having 4 surround speakers for a future 7.1 system or a Zone 2.

About the satellite receiver, Dish is not at the same level you have in the States. So maybe I will upgrade for HD service, but I really don’t care, I watch movies all the time and sometimes I use my air antenna for local stuff. My girlfriend pays the service because she likes shows there, but she will not pay the extra for HD.
I don’t’ care about my game console I don’t play often anymore so It’s ok for a while.

What do you think?
Thanks again.
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Sounds good. Looks like you have done the best you can with what you have to work with. I have always like the plasma displays over the LCD/LED sets. Sorry to hear that your options are so limited. It is a shame that just your location things become cost prohibitive.

I do have the Oppo (93 actually) and it is a killer player, but the other players you list are fine in their own right. I have a JVC, PS3, and a Samsung blue ray players throughout the rest of the house and they are also fine players.

If what you can do is upgrade one thing at a time then it might take you a while but it will be worth it in the end.

Good luck.


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