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Maximu Camera run time

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Assuming I have enough SSD storage, How long can camera run / continuously stream HDMI output to an Atomos Ninja 2? I shoot legal procedures, depositions, etc., which can go for up to two hours non-stop. Need to know if anyone has experienced overheating or crashes, etc. Thanks.
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Why use that when you could use a 256GB SDXC card with normal compressed video in most high end camcorders ? Amazon has the Lexar Professional 600x 256GB SDXC UHS-I Flash Memory Card for under $220. On my Sony NEX-VG900 with FV-100 battery it is rated for many hours and a 256GB SDXC card covers that time period.

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Thx. issue is up to 2 hr nonstop segments. But up to 5 or segments per day, daily downloads for repeat next day, and so on. SD / CF cost to cover two days of media adds up fast. SSD recorders like Ninja and Shuttle seem more reliable and cost effective in the long run. We'll see. Thx again.
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If you're using one of the AVCHD camcorders keep in mind that when shooting video to a flash memory card, the mts files get broken up into 4GB chunks. These have to later be stitched together or there will be skips at the point a new file is created.

This is standard and actually not a big deal to do with editing software, (or the provided SW included with your camcorder), but it is an extra step and could be time-consuming if you are dealing with a large amount of data/as it seems you may be from your post.

I have never used one of those external recorders but if the device makes your recordings into one, seamless file for each video take this may be a clear advantage for your situation.

Regarding overheating, you shouldn't have a problem with a camcorder two hours at a time. If you get a DSLR; yes, there may be a problem with overheating. The exception to this is the Panasonic GH2 or GH3; although technically "micro-four thirds" cameras, they are inter-changeable lens cameras that are casually referred to as DSLR's and won't overheat as a DSLR might with long shoots.

But camcorders definitely shouldn't be used as a surveillance camera might/for many hours; they are intended to be used "intermittently". I don't know what your depositions typically involve, but if it's always one fixed angle, you could get a good surveillance camera. some that have zoom lenses, that are designed to be on 24/7 and overheating would definitely not be an issue.
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