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Cerwin vega v-35 18inch pa/bandspeakers spec??? i picked up a pair

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Looking for wattage etc any info would be great, They look like 80's speakers maybe
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Originally Posted by crazyrob425 View Post

Google is my friend and he can be yours as well:rolleyes:
Is that really necessary? I mean if you want to help then help, but don't post the answer and then make a snide comment about it.
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Originally Posted by crazyrob425 View Post

That snide comment will only further help him in life.

Its amazing what google can find. Seeing as I was the only one who posted 5.5 hours, I don't think he was getting help from others here is the information was so easily found tongue.gifbiggrin.gif


Entirely agree

I mean come on, anything else we can get for you while we're at it?
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Lmao crazyrob first of all the other guy is right and 2nd im not an idiot google is the first thing that comes to mind when i wanna find out where you live haha .

If google had the awnser then i wouldent be on an audio video forum asking.

The link you posted to are not my speakers and i dident say i had v-35x i said simply v-35 which i cant seem to find any info anywhere about sorry but those are not them and no there not in different cabinets the cabinets say cerwin vegas right on the handles.
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So it is amazing what google cant find crazyrob
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JBL, perhaps another way to approach some of your very first posts may have been, "hey, here's what I've got, here's what I've found out, .. anyone have any additional information, like power handling etc?" Maybe discuss what you've discovered info-wise, and begin there.

This is AVS, the S is for Science.

The community here include novices, enthusiasts, industry pros, designers and owners within the industry, and some of the brightest audio minds in the world. In addition to Audio, both the Video and HT design and construction elements are well represented here at AVS. You, having joined, are now also a member of this community. Your presence here is entirely welcome, and your contributions will be appreciated, however a certain amount of decorum is appreciated.

Having been a working pro FOH engineer, a home audio enthusiast since the 70's, DJ'ing thru the 80's 90's, and being a CV owner, I'm somewhat aware of what CV has out there. Upon first seeing your question, a quick Google search I performed returned images, a product manual download, discussion of the product, and it's variations etc. All in a brief minute or two, .. tops. It's all out there.

Another avenue is if you could examine the actual drivers and dividing network, that may give you additional info. Wattage for loudspeakers, may or may not actually be helpful. With a doubling of power at best merely adding 3dB in SPL, a couple hundred watts in such a product will be fine, and much more will near it's thermal limits and not significantly adding clean playback (especially if the product has seen better days, as loudspeakers in this genre get abused).

Best of luck and welcome to AVS.
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I've got a pair of v29's myself with 15" woofers and horn tweets. Cerwin Vega generally overkills durability on their products in my experience, I run an 800 watt rms 2 channel amp into mine and got some minor distortion the other day from my kick drum when i cranked them up further than i ever had before (quite a bit louder than my acoustic set biggrin.gif ).
They are probably somewhere around the area of 200 watts into 4 ohms but you'll want a versatile amp just to be safe.
Keep in mind they are effecient speakers and won't need alot of power for a home environment and when you double the volume coming from your amp you are actually sending 10x the power.
All that said any old amp will do and with more effecient speakers you will likely distort or reach max cone excursion before toasting them, They really are quite a step above any of the cheap gear out there these days, the sheer speed of them alone is enough to make any bass player or drummer grin smile.gif
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Ok heres what i got ill post a pic tonight they say cerwin vega on the cabinet handles with redish/orange around the lettering.

Has 2 tweeter lookin speakers on the right upper corners below the horn and a rectangle like port hole on the bottoms below the woofer and are also on wheels.

The front grills are red and metal.

Im currently pushin just the 18 woofer with an oldschool rockford p150s car amp 2 channel.

I read somewhere awhile ago that these speakers are capable of up to 120db idk if thats each or if thats my exact model seemed so.

All im looking to do is upgrade my car amp so i can put good clean power into this old speaker but dont wanna blow it up.

I was told by the guy who sold em to me that they were 2500 total watts each dont know anything about band power vs home/car audio watts but of course id never try and put 2500 watts into these.

Im guessin there right around 500-1000w clean???

My freind has 2 12's in a sealed box a kicker and a pioneer and this one speaker sounds much deeper in bass.

But of course he has 1000max sony so he getting maybe 500rms bridged.

Im willing to bet if i get the right amp on one of these speakers i could more db spl then the guy with the 2 12s.

Thats my goal.

I have a ohmage powered mixer i use on both for djing but it barely puts out 100w each side.

I might eventually just buy a nice sub for the car
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WHAT!!! eek.gif: Are you condemning these to a car??? How are you even going to fit them in confused.gif
These are definetly not car subs you will blow the crap out of them with 500 watts rms. They are built to be effecient and throw volume over long distances but they are not one note subwoofers. If you want something for your car you should buy a car sub. With all due respect of course wink.gif
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Lol maybe im only currently using a rockford 150 bridged. The speaker hits some serious lows and 125+db already i mean im able to hear notes and bass tones ive never herd before with any other speakers.

Im actually looking to sell these but i mean they pound my roof even flexes alil its a toss up. Most people have to put a couple thousand watts into a car to get the sound qaulity i get.

At this point id rather sell the pair and get something else more suited.

I have plenty of room heck i could even fold down the back seat and use both speakers that would be just insane.

Also im filtering the highs and mids out. lows only coming out of the speaker. My door speakers are amped and used for the highs and mids
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That's what effiecient speakers can do, once you start looking past "watts" and pay more attention to the efficiency/sensitivity you can start pinpointing speakers that will play ridiculously loud without drawing much power. Unfortunately specs other than watts aren't found to much in the car audio world.

If my knowledge is correct (could be rusty) a 10 decibel increase equates to doubling the volume of a speaker but it takes 10x the watts to make that 10db increase happen.
So if speaker A is capable of 90db efficiency/sensitivity at 1 watt, and speaker b is capable of 100db efficiency/sensitivity at 1 watt (10db difference isn't outrageously uncommon in the real world) then speaker "a" needs 10 watts to hit the same volume.
Where things get ridiculous and power ratings become relatively useless is when you want to hit 120db with both speakers, where speaker "a" would need 1000 watts (say goodbye to speaker "A" tongue.gif ) and speaker b would only need 100 watts (within the limits of decent woofers).

It gets even more annoying when companies list max power specs rather than rms (continuous even power capability) because the speakers can only hope to manage maximum power for miniscule amounts of time (think milliseconds).

In the end though most people don't really want to spend big money on their car sound system to have it sound amazing because most people don't spend all their time in their car.
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