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Small vs Large settings

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I've got my speakers hooked up via speaker level connections to the sub. It is a satellite/sub system. I notice there is a difference in sound between Small and Large settings. I turned off all EQs like Dynamic Eq and tone controls. And I kept the crossovers for the receiver and the sub about the same. The Small settings gives a less but somewhat tighter bass. If I switched to Large, the bass sounds more fuller and "boomier". Should there be a difference? According to definition, Large should not send anything to the sub because it turns off bass management (in the receiver). I am confused on which setting to keep it at. Right now, I use Small for movies and Large for music.
Your thoughts?

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Keep your fronts set to Large!! Also, in the settings choose NO for if you have a subwoofer connected. Always do this when the system is wired the way you have chosen.
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You need to set up the receiver so that it sends a signal to the subwoofer. You should be able to do this with the speakers set to large. Read the manual closely.

What is the make and model number of the receiver?

Boominess in the bass may be the subwoofer's frequency range overlapping the main speakers' f range too much.

You need to get the upper f limit control on the subwoofer set so that it is near the lower f limit of your speakers.

For example, if the manufacturer of the speakers says their lower limit is -3db at 55 Hz, then the subwoofer control should be set to around 50 or 60 Hz. Move the f knob up or down a bit and experiment until they work best together.
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Commysman - the OP is not wired the usual way. It appears his mains are wired to the sub, not to the AVR, and that the sub itself controls what gets passed to the speakers. In that case, you would normally set the system as having Large speakers and no sub so that LFE gets mixed into the output to the L/R channels.
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