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Nothing within 3 inches of the internal port opening?

Does that include the other ports or is it just bracing? They should all be on the same plane.

The 5.25 diameter of the flared port is pretty huge which is limiting how close I can get them.
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The ports can be right next to each other, just not facing each other within 3". You can measure from the half way point of the flare radius as the end of the port.
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Ahh ok, I should be able to get them closer than since the internal port openings are all going to be facing the same direction.

That should allow me to increase the radius on the bend a good bit.

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Think I got it finaled now

Also, here's the diagram for the internal vertical bracing:

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Well I had 0 luck trying to bend the pvc, I couldn't even get it to budge.

Since the radius is so small I'm gonna have to go with elbows like the one below. Hopefully it doesn't cause too much of a problem

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Well, after yesterday's failure I at least got some reassuring news today.

I was able to get the precision port to fit on the pvc after some grinding.

From the front it looks pretty much flawless. From the back, (which I don't have a picture of) you can see the precision port's ID is a hair smaller than the pvc's ID. I'm not sure if I'd try grinding the inside of the pipe though as that's a bit more tricky

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Hoping this should be the last question.

I've been doing some final box calculations and it looks like the UXL-18 is 9.5 inches deep, with a flush mount, that's going to make it enter the box about 10.25 inches.

I was going to space the bracing evenly inside the box, so the front bracing would be 9.75 inches into the box.

Would there be any problem making a hole in the center of the bracket (like the pic below) that the magnet would sit in?

Edit: It also looks like with a 44 inch port the inside port is going to be about a half inch from the front bracket (which would be directly in front of the port opening).

Is it going to be an issue with the port opening being that close to the bracket?

There is 2 inches between the back of the port and the back of the box, so I could move it back.

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Having the magnet sit inside a brace opening is fine, you might want to put some gasket foam around it if there's a chance they will touch and rattle.

If the brace is going to be right in front of the port opening, something needs to be moved to give the port 3" clearance.
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How much would the magnet move? I can easily give it a big enough opening so that shouldn't be a problem.

I'll need to look into the port clearance issue. I think it should be ok if I put the elbow closer to the back of the box and I can even shorten the port a bit so I should be able to get the necessary clearance.

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The woofer shouldnt really move at all, so I would say as long as you have at least 1/8" all the way around there should be absolutely nothing to worry about.

Taking an inch or so off the port length wont really have an effect, so yes moving it back and maybe trimming a little is a good plan.
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So, I spent some time learning sketchup today and I think I got it 99% done. The only thing I might need to do is make the front piece 25x25. Currently it's 25"x23.5" tall, so the outside of the front port flares overlap with the top and bottom a bit. I'll need to see if it causes any issues with the cut list.

In the third picture the distance between the front of the interior port and the back of the front brace is 4.25 inches

I also totally guessed on the dimension of the speaker magnet, so that will probably need to be adjusted.

I was trying to find some way to put in some more bracing perpendicular to what is there but couldn't find a great way to add it

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