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Yamaha RX-A2010 Preouts ??

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My local Best Buy currently has an incredible deal on an open box Yamaha RX-A2010 receiver. One of the things holding me back is the fact that I don't see any preouts on the back of this receiver. I have a Marantz five channel x 150 watt amp that I would like to use with it. Does anyone happen to know if my amp would work with this receiver? I know the Yamaha has a great amp section. I would just like to add some Marantz flavor to the sound.
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Yamaha website says it has 7.2 ch preouts. How much are they selling it for?
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Plus the pic of the back of the receiver shows them.
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$788.99 , which I think is a good price. I have looked at the back of the recever in pics. I can't see a place for them. I will only be using it for 5.1. Is it a nice receiver??? Right now I have a Marantz SR 5002.
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I believe those in the pic are for hooking up BLU RAY player.
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The RX-A2010 has both a mulit-channel analogue input for connecting something like a Blu-Ray player and 7.1 pre-outs for connecting your Marantz 5-channel amp.

The pre-outs are above the speaker terminals, with the zone 2 pre-out at the almost exact middle of the back of the receiver and the rest of the pre-outs to the right. Since they're outputs they're marked with a white background.
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I am really having a hard time figuring this out Ross Ridge. I have 5 RCA cables that are color coded hooked to my Marantz. They are red, white, black, brown. and gray. I don't see single female rca preouts that are labled FR FL SR SL and C on the Yamaha picture.
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They aren't colour coded, except as standard white/red pairs. They're labeled "PRE OUT" at the top, and "FRONT", "SURROUND", "SUR. BACK", "SUBWOOFER", "CENTER" at the bottom. The white background with black dots makes them standout from the inputs. They're immediately to the left of the Yamaha logo and name on the back the receiver.

Make sure that the picture you're looking at says "MODEL NO. RX-A2010" below the Yamaha name and logo.
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Now I am beginning to catch on. I Thank You so much. But how do you distinguish the left from the right channel ??? It is not marked on the Yamaha.
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They follow the standard colour coding: white is left, red is right. Instead labeling each pair of jacks, they're labelled (L) and (R) once at the far left where the long line of all the receiver's red and white analogue audio RCA jacks begin.
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The preouts on my Marantz SR5002 are color coded and each one is marked FR, FL, C, SR, and SL. . I am using RCA male to male cables from my amp to my receiver.
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I finally caught on Ross. Thanks a million. Do you think $788 is a good deal on this receiver? Will I ever figure out how to hook it up? LOL My Marantz SR 5002 was easy. I am looking for an improvement in audio quality. Would you get this receiver or get the Marantz AV 7005 processor for $1200 instead ? I once again THANK YOU so much.
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Jr.. I just picked one up at my local best buy for 499.99 it was the receiver only no antennas remote or microphone but I was Able to find that online. I can test it till next week... But very excited a the price
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I picked up one as well about 2 months ago for $499

Receiver, main remote and power cord

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It is a pretty kick ass receiver. I picked one up 5 months back for about 600 after shipping. It can do 9.2 (only 7.2 without an external amp). Once I move I'll be picking up a 5 chan amp for my fronts, center, and presence then running the surround and rear surrounds off the receiver itself.
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