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XBMC vs PLEX metadata setup

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I've used both xbmc and currently using plex. The reason that I have stayed with plex in because it will tagged and sort my tv shows properly while they sit in my downloads folder. Where with xbmc I found that unless I file everything it will not show my files in the library.

Would like to go back to xbmc as there is more customization available, but this one issue keeps it from being wife friendly and we'll that's a deal breaker around here. Any know how to work around this or am I missing something when setting up a source?
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There is a wonderful solution: the PleXBMC add-on for XBMC. I've been playing with XBMC (again) over the last couple of days and this looks like a winner. I'm now thinking of switching back to using XBMC (with this plug-in) on my two HTPCs, combined with Plex Media Server on my main server/HTPC. I'll still use Plex on my iPhone and will keep tabs on the Plex client improvements.

Note that with this plug-in, it seems like it does not default to using all of the Plex categories (e.g., New Releases, Newly Added, Genres, etc.) but the configuration of the plug-in lets you turn that on. If you want to use the Plex smartphone app to trigger playing a movie on XBMC, the PleXBMC Helper plug-in is also needed, but I'm finding it to be flakey in that my iPhone doesn't always show the XBMC client as an option for playback.

FWIW, I've also installed the Quartz skin which looks like the Apple TV 2's 1st iteration of the UI (before they added all of the app icons all over the place) and I'm liking it. If you don't install a PleXBMC-friendly skin (I think there may be one or two others), you will need to select Videos > Plug-Ins > PleXBMC (not a huge deal), whereas the PleXBMC-friendly skins like Quartz will allow you to see your Plex Movies and TV folders right on the home screen.
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That's awesome, I can wait to try this out. One of the things I missed with the XBMC tablet/phone apps. This would essentially give me the best of both worlds.

I'm also trying to sort out some HTPC --> AVR handshake issues. Audio does not always default to HDMI on my laptop based on power up sequence and timing. Pain in the butt right now. Looking at maybe going the ROKU 2 XS with the Plex app route to solve the problem unless i sort this out. Most important thing is that all of the ends up Wife friendly with my Harmony remote (she can't live without it)/.

Thanks for the suggestions.
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