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Pc Based Mp3 Software  

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Hello All -

I'm trying to find the right software package to run on a PC or an all in one box that is capable of doing the following:

The box would store a large (8000+) .mp3 collection and play, via the sound card (not stream) in the following manner...

I want to create a playlist very similar to a radio station format clock...for example

Play 2 Rock Songs
Then 1 Country
Then 2 Dance
Then 2 Rock
Then 2 Oldies

The system would randomize songs that are in each of the category directories.....

So you could turn the system on and forget about it....and basically have your own radio station playing songs in the rotation you want.

I have been searching for ever (and posted this question here before) with no luck....any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You could probably bludgeon JReceiver (http://jreceiver.sourceforge.net) into doing it, but it'd probably take some customization.
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