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Hi, I have just purchased a LG BH7420P, and I am getting really disappointed as I can't get surround from my PC. I have a PC with a ATI HD5670, and I have connected with a HDMI cable on HDMI input 1 into the BH7420P and then HDMI to my LG LW650T, on windows 7 on my PC, on HDMI Audio output, my only options for speaker setup is Stereo, there is no quadraphonic or 5.1 Surround, when I look on properties it only shows max numbers of channels - 2, the bit rate are 32 / 44.1 / 48 Khz, the encoded formats supported are only dolby digital and DTS, I was expecting to see at least 6 channels, DTS HD, dolby digital +, dolby True HD, all audio formats supported by this home cinema system. I have tried many things, by installing HDMI audio drivers, AMD or Realtek, I have actually tried EDID overrrides, but I can't the surround to work.

I can see movies already encoded as DTS or dolby digital as 5.1 surround using fddshow audio encoder, but my point is I am not getting into the received 5.1 PCM audio. Does anyone have experienced or know if this possible with the device ?