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Sharp AQUOS LC-60LE847U Audio Sync Issue

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I am working on my 3rd 60LE847U since November 2012.I have finally found one that seems to work almost OK.
All of the units I have tested have an intermintent audio sync problem when connect to DirecTV. The repair guy says the problem is with the Direct TV box. I have 3 other flat panel TVs from other vendors and have no problem. I have had DirecTV out here and had them a complete check of their system. I have replace their HD box with no success.

When this problem occures I change to another channel and back again and the audi syncs up. When I change the channel just before the picture come on I get a message in the upper Left hand corner of the screen that the TV is looking for an audio sync.

My question is: is there a audio sync adjustment or some signal that the TV need tp receive.
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I didn't know that this issue was prevalent, but it appears ( non-pejorative, here) that the sync issue is like a translated movie. The lips move, but the sound comes a second less or so, after. This could be due to a launch of audio/video. My 60" is from
Santa '12.

I know they mean well, but they could fix this.
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My Dish TV box occasionally gets out of synch -- usually after a glitch in the signal from the satellite.
A quick off and on with the box corrects it. It is very rare and not too disruptive.
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I have a LC-60LE750U on a Comcast HD RNG110 receiver. Same thing happens.. What i do notice is that when you change the channel some channels broadcast in 720 some in 1080 and the TV take a fraction of a second to figure it out... and when my audio randomly goes out of syncs is sometimes during commercials... if i change the channel back and forth it fixes itself. Or Power the TV on and off and it's fixed for a little bit... i would hate for this to happen during superbowl... 



Either way I believe it's an issue with the tv thinking some "source" has changed and poof audio is way off. It has happpened 2 times recently when going to commercial. My samsung at my parents with same HD receiver doesn't have this issue. Def an issue with TV


I'll call customer service today see if there is some sort of fix.

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Below is an amazon review. i'm going to try this when i get home.. IF i can do it with my comcast box.





Found this review on Amazon:


They state the same issues with a possible fix:


I have had one problem that keeps me from giving it a 5 star rating, although it may have nothing to do with the set per se. I have had several instances of audio being out of synch with video, sometimes as bad as a dubbed Japanese Kung Fu movie. At times when changing channels we lost audio completely. It has happened when using an HDMI input, but never when using a component input. I have used 3 different HDMI cables (5 yrs old, new but cheap, new as supplied by Verizon on my bedroom HD Sony) and all had the problem. I chatted with helpful reps at AquosAdvantage (register there and get a 3 month warranty extension) who worked with me at length to turn off video processing functions to see if problem cleared. Then I worked to turn on functions (like motion control, auto contrast, etc.) one at a time. I went 5 days with no problem, then had 3 episodes yesterday, generally as a news network was coming out of a local commercial to the national news feed. Never had this problem with the same STB and my older Toshiba 720p set (which I hated.) No resolution yet. Easy to clear but annoying.


UPDATE: Nothing seemed to clear this audio problem so I called the AquosAdvantage support line. The rep (Brian?) was very knowledgeable and said they had seen this before. It is an issue with the HDMI setup on our Verizon STB. The audio needs to be set to LPCM. I called Verizon and spent three futile hours with tech help who had no idea how to access the hidden setup menu in our Motorola QIP7232 (supplied by them!) I Googled the problem and found you just need to press three keys in sequence - power (on the STB), Select/OK, then Menu (both on the remote.) The setup screen popped up, I changed audio to LPCM, and now everything seems to work fine. 60 seconds to fix, after hours on the phone. I changed my review from 4 stars to 5 since there was never anything wrong with the set. Other HDTV brands, and other cable providers, have this same issue.

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I have the same problem with the same TV and have the same Cablevision. I have identical cable boxes on two different HD TV's one is a Sony  the other is the 2012 Sharp Aquos LC-60LE847U. I only experience the sound sync issue or a loss of sound with the Sharp. If I turn the TV off for 10 seconds and turn it back on  the problem is resolved. I have sapped out the Cablevision boxes twice and changed the cable, the problems continue to happen with the Sharp, I'm thinking it's the TV

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