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Hey, I've been looking at LCD TV's that would function well as a PC display for my living room PC. My current set is an old Toshiba 720p plasma and it forces overscan, making HDMI absolutely worthless. I've been using VGA which looks better, but the panel is 1024x768 with wide pixels and has no resolution that looks perfect. I've been searching for a suitable replacement but I don't want to spend too much. Today I found an Apex 46" LED LCD at Target for $399.99 on sale and decided to buy it and take it back if it didn't work. I've got 30 days to return it. It has the same awful overscan on HDMI which makes it absolute garbage as an HDMI-enabled PC monitor, but it does have a VGA input that is working nicely.

My question is, is there any better option in my price range? I don't want to shell out a ton of cash for a Samsung or LG, nor do I want to go too small (46" is about right, my plasma is 42" but has a huge bezel). This set has a nice picture on VGA, but if there is a better deal that suits my needs with HDMI I'd rather go with it instead. My parents have an LG set (42") with "Just Scan" but it cost $300 more than I paid, something I'm not willing to do at the moment.