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New to Home Theater - Airplay with Multi-zone Questions

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Hi all,

I am building a new home, and I have some questions. I purchased a nice system, but I am still deciding on how to set it all up (locations of inputs, multi-zone, airplay, etc.). Here is what I have, and my questions.

- Home theater speakers in living room (5 Klipsch Speakers)
- Home audio - 4 rooms all connected (2 Klipsch speakers in each room), with one main input (not connected to home theater system), Each room has own volume control.
- Second input for home audio system that overrides one room only when input connected
- The home audio system is by LyriQ.
- Home audio rooms - Kitchen, Back Deck, Master Bedroom and Over the 2nd floor cat walk
- Builder does not have many options, so I went with their better selection/option. No flexibility on the above, other than location of the rooms.

- I am trying to determine where to place the inputs. Here is my best guess to date. Place the main input for the home audio system by the entertainment center where the home theater will also connect. Place the 2nd input in the master bedroom for flexibility on what we want to listen to versus the whole house.
- However, I would like to listen to music from my iPhone and iPad easily (not walking over to my entertainment center to dock it or leverage Bluetooth). I want flexibility such that the input (iPad, iPhone, computer, etc.) moves with me throughout the house. I also want to be able to connect the TV to the home audio for big games as well as listen to CDs. I'd really like internet radio and/or AM/FM as well.
- I am guessing that I want a multi-zone, Airplay receiver with internet connectivity. I will connect TV video and the 5 home theater speakers to one zone. I will connect the other zone to my primary input for home audio. This will allow my son to play Wii (with volume turned down) while we listen to audio via the home audio system (I do not want my home audio to impact our ability to have TV video on). We can use the Airplay functionality such that we do not need to connect my iPhone to anything...when we turn it on and ensure connection, it should play via the home audio speakers? When we want to listen to a big game, we can turn on both the home audio speakers as well as the home theater speakers with TV input, so the sound is throughout the house. If we want to listen to a CD, we can leverage the Blu-Ray player connected to the receiver to send out Zone 2 audio? Can the receiver move sound across both zones (Blu-Ray to TV/surround sound speakers - Zone 1 and Blu-Ray to Whole Home Audio system - Zone 2?

Does this sound like a viable solution? Or, do I need to ask the builder about another connection in the kitchen for my iPhone? If this is a viable option, any suggestions on a nice receiver which will handle the multi-zones, Airplay needs, and connect to internet radio/streaming? Also, what about FM radio?

I am brand new to all of this, so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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Well, look at the AirQast piece from Legrand, as part of the Lyriq system...


Browse through the parts and manuals on the Legrand site about the Lyriq system and you'll see what your options are... These components are readily available, so if the builder isn't familiar with them, just buy them after closing and add them yourself.

On the wiring front - make sure they wire the audio zones with speaker wire home-run from the keypad locations in addition to the cat5e they've got to run the Lyriq. If you do that, you'll be able over the years to use any of the systems on the market, and not be limited to the smaller, digital-amp-based systems that fit in the keypad locations.

If they won't do that, talk to the project manager, assuming the walls aren't closed in with drywall yet. See if he/she will let you add that wiring yourself.

Also look at the Sonos Connect unit, which can be placed somewhere and provide access to the streaming / internet services (and most AM/FM stations are streaming as well, so that can be the easy answer for FM radio).

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Thanks much for the response. I confirmed the recommended wiring with my builder, and we were good there. I will research the products and options you mentioned/recommended. Very helpful!
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