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Lexicon Logic7

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Does Lexicon's Logic7 make any noticeable difference, with a 5.1 DD or DTS source, when using only 5 speakers? Or, is it only to derive 7 channels?
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The most recent version of L7 (since 2006) can extract centre and surround information from multi-channel recordings, which Dolby PLIIx and DTS Neo (Neo:6 and Neo:X) cannot do.

So if I'm listening to my quad Dark Side of the Moon DVD-A, I can extract a centre output to stabilize imaging in the soundstage. If I'm listening to my 3-channel Nat King Cole SACD, I can extract surround information from the front channels for greater envelopment.

The latter also comes in handy for movies like 'Immortal Beloved' and 'Forrest Gump', which have practically no content in the surround channels.
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Thanks again Sanjay; You should get a paycheck from Lexicon product support ;-)

So, just so I am clear on what you are saying:

My MC-12B is version 5 from 2005. Which pre-dates 2006. So, since I only have a 5.1 speaker arrangement, does that mean I should hear no difference with or without Logic7 film mode?

I have tried to A/B with the 5.1a standard vs 5.1a Logic7 film, but, am having a hard time telling a difference.

BTW, I am currently using the analog outs from an Oppo BDP-103 into the 5.1 analog in on the Lexicon.
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As long as you have v5 (irrespective of date), you should have the most recent version of L7. On most movies you won't hear much difference (sounds intended for the centre of the soundstage are mixed to the centre channel). If you have a quad SACD or DVD-A or any multi-channel music that has centre-imaged content mixed to the L/R channels, then you will notice a difference with L7.
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