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Channel Master CM-7001 remote control code for universal remote?

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I have the channel master cm-7001 (i know, I know but it fit my purposes at the time).

Anyway, the remote got fried (batteries keep leaking when left in it) and no longer send signals as far as I can tell. I tried scrubbing the connections, no luck. I think the board is fried, new batteries, the whole bit, nothing. I dont feel like paying the 20 bucks plus $40 for shipping for a replacement. I dont think I'd even pay 20 bucks.

Anyone know the code for an RCA universal remote (RCR311S). I went on the rca site and did a bunch of searching there provide through support. The Channel Master site said to go to the manufacturer of the remote for codes.

If you have any codes for a cheap non rca universal that I could buy up in canada at tigerdirect/canada computers/the source or something, that'd be good too


edit: Yes, I first tried doing the code search function with the remote which suggests there is no code but hoping there is a workaround
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RCA Code Finder website is found here. Click on REMOTE to search for RCR311S's downloadable User Manual and Code List:
For RCR311S I looked at various categories of components but didn't find anything for Channel Master...and since your Code Search came up empty, I don't think it's programmed for the CM7000/7001. Because RCR311S doesn't support LEARNING from another (WORKING!!!) R/C....it looks like you're out of luck using RCR311S with CM7000. However, I found one comment on Amazon reporting a phonecon with C-M wherein they said that a PIONEER code would work....but didn't say which COMPONENT type [try CABLE BOX]....so good luck trying to find a code you couldn't find using Code Search function....

You might want to buy a Universal R/C (new or used) which you KNOW will control the CM7000/7001....and perhaps be upgradeable for the future via computer updates (expensive Harmony or inexpensive R/C with JP1 port)....and perhaps one with LEARNING from another R/C, because "standard" code sets are usually missing some IR codes (e.g. SIGNAL QUALITY in Zenith CECB). You can check One-For-All R/C compatibility with CM7000/7001 and download User Manuals/Codes at the following website....or contact them and ask which is compatible with CM7000/7001:

All-In-One OARH04G 4-Device R/C ($12) supports most CECB's (called DIGITAL CONVERTERs), including Channel Master (presumably CM7000/7001) but does NOT support LEARNING from another R/C. PS: Amazon and other websites incorrectly claim that this R/C supports LEARNING....it does NOT.

All-In-One OARC05G 5-Device R/C ($17) adds ability for LEARNING from another R/C, but you'll have to call to verify if can control CM7000/7001, since it isn't found in the list on the All-For-One website. [But since it appears to be same generation as OARH04G, it is highly likely that it also controls CM7000/7001 and other CECBs.]

Many Universal Remote Controls (mostly UEI One-For-All and CATV/SAT R/Cs) have a "JP1" connector, typically next to the batteries:
An adapter cable connects to RS-232 port on computers so equipped (which is getting harder to find), allowing the user to CHANGE the IR codes in the R/C. I'm no expert in this subject, but if you post in the appropriate thread you can find people who are. If you are interested, you'll have to do your own research to see which R/C devices are JP1 compatible....and note that just because it has the connector doesn't mean it's compatible....UEI sometimes changes the software so new R/Cs may or may not be compatible until someone figures it out again....

JP1 codes for CM7000/7001 (and many other CECB boxes) is found here:

Everything you wanted to know about JP1 codes and how to reprogram your R/C are found here:
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thats great, I'll check out the options and see what works. Didn't even know about JP1's.

Thanks for the help, will respond if I get it working.
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