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Need Center Advice

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I'm looking for some advice on a center speaker for living room. Right now my system consist of a Denon AVR2113CI, B&W CM8s for the L and R and a BIC F12. I would love to get the CMC or CMC2 but I can't fit it in the room. The CM8s are positioned on the side of my fireplace and the TV is above. The fireplace mantel is only 6.5" deep so the CM centers are out.

My main function for this system is listening to music in 2 channels but I want a 5.1 system for movies. I don't ever plan on listening to music over the system in 5.1. I was planning on getting some B&W M1s for the rear surrounds but I think one of these will be too small for the center with the CM8 L&R. The only centers that I have been able to find so far that will fit are the Kef T301c or one of the DefTech Mythos series but I am worried that the sound from these will not match the CM8s

Does anyone have any suggestions on a center I should check out.

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^ ^ ^ you really should have the center in the same family as the L&R mains.
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+1, but....

HT is an oxymoron; what we call "home Theater" is usually either a dedicated theater, or a living space with A/V equipment. It all depends on what tradeoffs you're willing to make. If you're happy with your stereo set-up, and it's your main use of the space, then literally anything will work. The little M-1's may work fine, as long as you respect their relatively limited SPL compared with the CM8s.

I would want your AVR to use it's Audyssey feature to reduce sonic impact of the speaker size difference, and 3dB sensitivity difference, even if you don't for stereo.

Have fun,
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