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Control your outdoor speakers from your phone

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Looking for some feedback - Flyover Innovations is a startup company that is launching our first product (par). The par connects to a stereo receiver with standard RCA connection and integrates a powerful infrared transmitter to control the receiver. A bluetooth enabled mobile device can be paired to the par and the iOS or Android app turns your mobile device into a remote control and allows you to stream your music. One of the concentration markets for this device is for outdoor speakers so that you can control and stream your music from your phone - no more dials or having to run into the house to use your remote control. More info at www.fly-over.com (click the FB icon to see video and marketing broch). Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!
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how is this different from current offerings in the market?

how does the par work when a phone call comes in? i certainly wouldnt like everyone in the party to hear my katy perry ring tones!

an excerpt from bluetooth.com

"Range is application specific and although a minimum range is mandated by the Core Specification, there is not a limit and manufacturers can tune their implementation to support the use case they are enabling.
Range may vary depending on class of radio used in an implementation:
Class 3 radios – have a range of up to 1 meter or 3 feet
Class 2 radios – most commonly found in mobile devices – have a range of 10 meters or 33 feet
Class 1 radios – used primarily in industrial use cases – have a range of 100 meters or 300 feet "

i sometimes have problems pairing my bluetooth headset with my iphone in my pants pocket, what will be the operating range of the par?

your website shows the par having 2 standard RCA audio jacks (red and white), does the par happen to have a 3.5mm jack output as well?
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This is a combination Bluetooth to IR gateway to turn your phone/tablet (iOS or Android) into a remote and A2DP for hifi audio streaming from your phone. Today on the market you can get a bluetooth gateway, but that won't allow you to actually turn on your receiver (or other IR enabled devices). So if you use a standard BT gateway you still have to use your IR remote to turn on your stereo/change aux/etc. Using our device you can be on your deck pull out your phone, turn on your receiver, change to whatever aux you want, and if you want to stream music from your phone (stored or via streaming service) you can. Just makes it simple.
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Hi Cool Face,

As a follow-up to your message - we are a Class II device and are capable of reaching distances of 33' with our device. Although I'm certain everyone would love your Katy Perry ringtones smile.gif, our app automatically switches the call to be routed to the handset so your ringtone does not go through.
We do have a 3.5mm audio output jack as well (this is actually our primary connection and we include a 3.5mm to RCA converter).

Let me know if you need any further clarification. Thanks for the questions!
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lol. glad to hear about the ringtone not going though! :P

also glad to hear about the audio output because in my particular situation im out of RCA inputs. a 3.5 jack just gives another connection option!

33' is doable. my receiver usually sits in the center of the yard (where the projector sits as well). the BBQ is 25' away, and the "cheap seats/people who talk during movies seats" are about 30' behind. plenty of cushion to work with during a movie night.
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I assume this can work any device that has an app to it. Reciever, bluray, etc. I am also assuming each piece you would like to work equals leave one app go to the next and then work that piece?
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Wait. Are you developing a remote per manufacture or piece of equipment?
Most manufactures are talking via WiFi to a network AV item. I don't get how it would work? Maybe to non-network device? Legacy piece option? You make the app.
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Hi theaterscapes - Thanks for the questions.

We created the iOS and Android app for your mobile device that talks to our Blumoo product (recently name changed from the par). You tell the app which make/model equipment you have and the app will download the appropriate pulse codes for controlling the equipment. One app for all devices - and correct you can use it on multiple devices (bluray, receiver, tv). This allows it to work with legacy and new devices (anything that has an infrared (IR) remote control. We are concentrating on the stereo primarily because we have the RCA and 3.5mm connections allowing you to stream your music from the phone as well - our app provides one touch access to your grooveshark, pandora, itunes, spotify, etc apps or libraries.

By the way, we are offering a giveaway right now on the Blumoo audio controller trying to raise some awareness about the product - check out: https://api-apps.com/app/embed/user/w/sl/317857341657947/sweepstakesmobile
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Yep. I see. Sounds like a really cool app. I will keep stopping back to see when it hits the market.
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