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Originally Posted by The_Nephilim1 View Post

well I just used some Caulk and looks like I got it all sealed up. it is now or should be airtight as I can get it.. there was only 2 strips that needed filling the rest was good and is sealed with the wood glue..

I am wondering what effect having NO foam in the Cabinet would do?? Would it sound funny?? Also do I need to get a driver gasket material, I saw some at Parts Express..

Well I found the DIY FAQ and that had answered most of these questions.. Adding Foam in the cabinet makes it less efficient and is not really needed could be based on what you think it sounds like I guess or when you measure with REW.

I will buy some Driver Gasket material but will have to wait..I am broke now after all this for a bit hehe.. I do have some sales on eBay so hopefully I get some buyers to buy..

I just checked the FedEx tracking number Tsloms gave me and the amp should be here Later today..I am still missing the cable from the reciever to the Amp that will not be here till wedenesday or thursday I am going to check that tracking in a minute. just wanted to jot down my thoughts on this sub build so far and an small update..

I am also going to use REW to Finetune my Box and system..I need to get an external USB Sound card as none of my laptops have a line-in. frown.gif

Well wondering what to do withouth that one cable it is going to be terrible have to wait another day to get it haha well I guess it will be worth the wait or at the very least I can't stand it any more I just want to here this thing Thump..
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Well I received the amp today and just plugged it in to look through the controls.. I think I am going to use a Laptop and the Behringer Program it seems easier then using the litte screen..

I am going to have to order a longer speakon connector as well. I thought I bought a 15' but I ordered a 10' instead and it is a little short..I think I am going to go with a 25' cable this time..

I also had a question about the behringer amp, in the behringer software program it has a few different selections for the mode.. Which one will I select: Dual Mono or Bi-Amp?? I am going with 1 sub right now not sure I'll do 2 of these monsters..

Also in the PEQ Section do I turn OFF the filters I am not going to use?? it looks like I'll need just 3 of them active?? 20hz --200hz??
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Sorry to get in here a little late late but a internet company called zzsounds sells the behringer 1000dsp for 269. Also i believe on any item over 249 you get to pay in 4-6 payments so you dont have to pay the full amount all at once. Once they get your first payment they ship the item and you pay an equal amount each month after. On the 1000dsp i think the monthly payment was around 71.
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edited going back to my OP!!
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