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replace upgrade suggestions???

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Hey guys i need some help and figured this forum would be able to help me out. My situation is as follows: I've owned a 73" Mitsubishi wd-73732 for fours years. I bought it refurbished and have had two lamps and a light engine fail. I simply hate this TV. I loved the picture and understood then and now that bulbs have to be replaced but the other repair was going to be more than the TV was worth. I also was satisfied with the picture even though i know there are better screens out there. I don't like ghosting and blocky views. I also love gaming and don't watch much regular TV except football. My room is built so that its 12 feet long to the front of my TV and the TV is on top of a fake fireplace that's never been or going to be used. So now i am upgrading and need some help. I'm looking for a 3d big screen around 2k plus or minus. The three i have seen that I'm interested in is a 73" Mitsubishi wd73742, a 65" Vizio 240hz, and a sharp aquos quattron 70". I'm worried the Vizio will look small after so many years with my bigscreen but is a great value. The Mitsubishi would fit my movie room perfectly and is dirt cheap but I'm worried about reliability and the fact that they are being discontinued. And the sharp looks awesome but is the most expensive. I know front projectors are the bang for the buck but they aren't applicable to me at this time. I'm also open to other suggestions preferably if a brick and mortar store has in stock so i can look at it before purchase. I care nothing about smart apps but would love 3d and size for my gaming and occasional movie. I'm also willing to trade some picture quality for more size as long as it is reasonably decent because the bigger you go the less sharp it looks. I also don't have a preference of passive or active 3d. Seen both and both are acceptable for me and my needs. Anyone have any recommendations our tips to help me out?
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I don't know how much help this will be but thought I'd reply with my experience. I also have a 73" Mits (73736-2008 model) that I have had for over 4 years and it's never given me any problem. I did purchase it new. Just recently decided to put in a new lamp and put the original one aside to have for a spare. With 3100 hours on it it still had a good picture although of course I could see the added brightness with the new one. I don't use it a lot for 3d anymore since I picked up an Epson 3010 projector primarily for 3D. Best of luck with your decision. I'm really sorry to see that Mits is dropping out of the large DLPs. Wish I could buy another (82") before they're all gone but I'm not in a position to do that right now.
Now I hope my light engine doesn't crap out after posting this!rolleyes.gif

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Considering my past with Mitsubishi I'd still get another one. My bulbs didn't bother me but the engine did. I know a few people on other forums said they still want to get another before they are gone even though they are stopping production on them but I'm just nervous about it all the same. Still hard to walk on the size/ price value though but I'd delicately get the longest warranty i could on it this time around. Thanks for your input though!
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Just got a tip from a techie friend. He claims Vizio is releasing a $ 2500 70" 3d TV in a few months with passive 3d. This is around the same price as the same size sharp aquos quattron with active glasses. He also claims that this well have a better picture and that i should wait for it. I an happy with the picture i saw on the sharp but he says the 3d is better with the Vizio. Something else I've got to think on. But in complete fairness he is partial to Vizio i guess because he owns a 40 something inch 3d TV at his home. Any opinions out there on this?
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I got the Vizio M3D651SV & I love with it. The picture & 3D is awesome. The Vizio looks like you are looking through a window.
It replaced a Samsung 61" LED/DLP which had a nice picture & never gave me any trouble. Now as for looking smaller, you are right. I was going to buy the 70" but settled for the 65" because of the 3D & price was $1600. Coming from a 61" TV helped. You know us guys...got to go bigger. That new vizio sounds pretty good. Good luck.
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