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Need help with DIY sub!!

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I bought a sub and amp from the now, closed, Elemental Designs. It was an LT.500 Plate amp and the 19Ov.2 Sub.

I had someone help me design a box for it and turned it into a HT sub. The box was a 12 cube @ 20HZ build. I have attached a few pictures of the final design.

Well I enjoyed this new setup for quite some time. Then moved to a new house. Had it hooked up for about 2 months and then all of a sudden it stopped working. So I pulled the plate amp off one day to check things out and found the problem. The plate amp had caught on fire and the boards were burnt/melted. I tried to do the warranty/RMA process with ED Audio. Well to make a long story very short, I sent the item back to be fixed and then never heard back from the company and never received my amp. So I was out a plate amp and had a sub I couldn't use.

Well its now been about 6 months of having no sub for my HT setup and I'm really missing it.

What would my best options be for it? Get a new plate amp? If so what kind, style?

Get an external amplifier for it? I would have to do some box modification to make this work..

I have a Yamaha RX-V671 powering my setup. I would like to keep it simple. A plate amp would be the easiest path I think. Would I run into these problems again? Is there a better product to get?

Figured I should include a picture of the setup, with the giant box in place : )

Thanks for all the help
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ED basically went out of business due to their plate amp failure rate, so no surprise there. Replacing the amp with a better one is your simplest solution

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Sorry to hear about your bad luck. I'm not sure about what dimensions will work for you, but there are a few plate amps available that would fit the bill.


You also have the option for a few bucks less to snag an external pro amp. An EP1500/2000 can be had for around a couple hundred bucks if you search around.
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lol, Jay beat me to it.
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LOL, excellent! Thanks. I will look into these. I just want to get it back up and running with a DEPENDABLE plate amp this time. My setup doesn't feel finished without it.

Is their certain spec/features I should look for when selecting a plate amp? No idea what a good RMS value would be for a box that size.
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