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Can The RC65 Remote Be Hardware or Software Modified?

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I know the subject of master power on 3 components at once has been discussed before, but, the only solution was to use a different remote control. I personally really like the layout and size of the buttons that come with the Directv RC65 remote, but, like many, would like my home theater to turn on also when the TV and HR34 turn on. I searched and searched the web for schematic diagrams and any modifications to the RC65 but could not find any. I did find a 2001 Directv remote that at that time did have a master power for 3-4 components. I do not know why Directv has gone the direction they have. The RC65 has been around for about 3 years now. I tried to find out from Directv if any new remotes coming out, but, noboby knows anything. So, is there anyone out who can recommend modifications to the RC65 to turn on 3 devices with the master power button? Thanks in advance.
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Yes. You can add a JP1 interface and do whatever you want. The downside is you must disassemble the remote every time you want to make a change. So while it has been done, it's not practical. It's much easier to replace it with an RCA RCRP05BR. See the JP1 forum at hifi-remote.com for details.
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I do have the RCA remote you mention. What I do not like about it is the small size of some of the buttons I use frequently. I might be satisfied with the approach of adding a JP1 interface. Any more information on this approach?
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It's all in the JP1 forums in THIS thread. Figuring out how to add an interface is up to you. That thread has some proposed ideas. I used pogo pins when I played around with it years ago. I never found a practical solution. I eventually gave up when I dropped my DirecTV service.

It's a great science experiment, but there are tons of much simpler solutions out there. If you don't like the RCA, then you may like the ARRS05G , Vizio VUR8, or the backlit Insignia . Any number of cable remotes also work fine, including the Red and Grey button Comcast, OCAP and Atlas models. The last batch of Comcast remotes I got from ebay ran me about $3 per remote shipped. Cheap Non-JP1 alternatives include the URC WR7 and Harmony 600 (refurb).
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