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I currently have both an sc-35 and a 94txh both 7.1 avrs. My 94txh is in storage, but I would like to put it to use. I'm running all 7 channels via my sc-35 right now, but would like to split up my front stage and the surrounds. How do I hook everything up properly? Which one should I use for the processing end, and which one will be better to drive my front stage? My mains are mirage om5's, center mirage omc-2, surrounds 4 emotiva erd1's, and my sub is a seaton submersive HP. My av rack is in another room and controlled via a hotlink pro. My other concern is the remote signal, but I did notice today that in the pio settings I can change the remote to a different signal parameter. Is this how to get by the signal interfering with the other unit? I basically want to know if I would gain anything by splitting up the amplification, and if so whats the best setup and how do I hook it up and setup via menus? I have all my own meter and cal software so I'm not concerned with using the garbage mccac setup. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a newborn and don't have the time to experiment. Thankyou