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CC Speaker options

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New to the forum, I am considering buying a used AV system. It is a 5.1 surround system with a set of 5 Mirage Nanosat Omnipolar speakers. The system also includes a Bose VCS-10 center channel speaker, and an 8" Definitive Technology ProSub 800 subwoofer

I've read some not-so-favorable reviews of the Bose VCS-10. I have some hearing loss at higher frequencies (where human speech is). With my current piece of junk system, I constantly have a hard time understanding dialog in movies and TV shows, no matter how much I turn it up.

The person selling this system doesn't use the 5th Mirage speaker. Would I be better off using that speaker for the center channel instead of the Bose VCS-10? I think that's what is intended for the 5th speaker, unless you purchase the optional Mirage CC speaker separately.

I'm pretty ignorant of today's electronics technology as I haven't purchased any audio equipment in quite some time. While excited about the prospect of having a decent audio system, I'm hoping particularly for a much improved ability to understand dialog.

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I'm gong to try to answer your question without getting into a Bose bashing discussion...... Ideally all 3 front speakers should be identical and vertically oriented; however most people can't have a vertically oriented center speaker. Hence the traditional center speaker design of horizontal with a tweeter sitting in between a pair of mid/woofers. Actually a bookshelf speaker laid on its side sounds better than a horizontally designed specific center speaker.

So use the Mirage speaker as the center. Because the goal for most people is to use the same brand and model line for their center as the front L&R speakers.
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You certainly do not want to mis-match the LCRs....as in using Bose with the Mirage.
I have not auditioned Mirage speakers in at least a decade, so I don't know how good their center channels are.
Use the extra Mirage for the center and if that is not satisfactory then buy the matching center.

One thing about placing a center channel speaker...it needs to be out front, so there are no early reflections to muddle the sound.
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Do you have a HT receiver?

What make and model?

Assuming you have one, and want to hear dialog for a change, I suggest a pair of Cambridge S30 speakers and an S50 center speaker.

That should be a HUGE improvement.

Oh; unless that room is about 6 feet square, you need a much larger more powerful subwoofer than that little 8-inch pretender.. The Polk PSW505 is an inexpensive 12-inch sub with fairly decent power.

IMO the Mirage speakers will be a waste of money.
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The receiver with this package is a Denon AVR-1610
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The Denon 1610 will work fine with any of the speakers mentioned in this thread.
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The matching center channel.

Also, be aware that there are the regular Nanosat and then the Nanosat Prestige which is a slightly higher grade. The regular Nanosat 5.0 sets where going for as low as $199 for a while, and generally to be had for $300. However, the Nanosat Prestige I think were usually sold individually. Just mentioning this because if it's a the regular Nanosat set, good chance the seller got them for a reduced price over what you are seeing them sold for right now. Might be some bargaining room in there depending on the price he has listed.

If you don't mind me asking, what price are you offering? Just to make certain you aren't offering too much.
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The seller is asking $600 for the entire package. Just to recap: Denon 1610 receiver, 5 Mirage Nonostat speakers, Definitive Technologies 8" subwoofer, Bose CC speaker, Rockfish wireless rear channel speaker setup.

She shared with me the print-out from when she bought it, and she did pay $199 for the Mirage speaker set. I know already that I probably won't be using the Bose CC speaker, and I have the ability to run cable for the rear channel, so the Rocketfish isn't really necessaary.
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$600 seems a lot for that package to me.

You can buy a newer model factory refurbished/factory warrantied Denon 1612 for $199 + shipping.

If it's small speakers you want, the Cambridge Minx 10 can be had for $49 each on Amazon. If small speakers are not a requirement, look into Pioneer's speaker series.

Then you just need a sub.
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