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help! please! i beg you.lol.

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I have a sonic veiw 5173 projector and bought a new yamaha 573 reciever. Hooked my ps3 to an hdmi input on reciever, my cable modem to the reciever and have the red blue and green to rga to the projector. Don't have a hdmi input on the projector. Well the projector isn't showing anything. Acting like nothing is plugged in. Not showing my cable, my ps3, nothing. Only thing I can think is the reciever is a digital signal and my projector is anolog. If that's the case how do I get this thing to recognize my reciever. Thanks in advanced. I build motors not theators.lol.
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I'm guessing that this is one of those white van projectors? Can't find anything online for it.

Get the component output cable for the PS3. You're right, no receiver will convert HDMI to an analog signal. Run analog only to the projector. If it is a no name white van special, it doesn't have the specs to show the advantages of an HDMI signal anyway.
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Well I had a surround sound dvd player hooked up to the projector. Was watching dvds. But had cqble company come out to install a box so I could watch football on itt, and he said I needed to get a new reciever. So I got this one. I have the component ps3 hook up but there's no where to plug it up to the projector. I've got 2 rga inputs, s video, and yellow video input. Can't plug up the ps3 by itself. I read about buying a anolog to digital converter, but found them backwards. Found vga to hdmi, but need hdmi to vga right?
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HD Fury will convert HDMI to RGBHV or component video YPBPR
read this. and ehn your done reading it chuck the white van projector and get a CRT biggrin.gif

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Thanks. My projector i think isnt a crt. It says dlp but anyway thanks. Imma order a hdmi to vga converter tonight. Just left radio shack and got 2 adapters that the guy said should work. First vga to dvi then dvi to hdmi. But didnt work like i thought it wohldnt. This is my first projector so next one wont have to deal with alm this. Hopefully thos converter will work. Thanks for yalls help and if u know of any good deals on projectors let me lnow. Pref. Used ones. That reciever set me back a little
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Matt, those adapters will NOT do what you need to do. Take them back and get a refund (and tell the guy he's a moron!) smile.gif

You need a format converter. THe only reason I didn't suggest getting a Fury is because I dont' think your projector is worth spending the money on. Post some pix of it, but you're better off saving for a name brand digital projector with an HDMI input on it already. If your projector is the type I think it is, it may say 1080p on it, but the max resolution is probably 800 X 600, in which case the Fury may not even work with it.
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Ya I didn't think it would. And already tried it. He swore it would work, so I believe he is owed a name call or two.lol. and here's a pic of the projector. Was gonna get a converter for time being. Tax time coming and have to dump it in the bike, so don't have extra cash for a good projector. Tell me what u think
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Yup, native resolution is 800 X 600. It won't even properly display a 1080i signal. Run component into it, and call it a day until you get a better projector.
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Not to sound stupid but can u define what u mean by running component. I had everything hooked up to the reciever and ran the green blue red output from reciever to vga input in projector and its not showing anything. That's how I had it hooked up to the dvd player surround sound but now that I have the reciever, its not doing anything.
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Component signal = the red, blue and green wires coming from your sources. COmponent isn't the same as RGBHV, which is what a VGA signal is.

Read this, that will explain all the signal types:


I'm pretty sure that your receiver will not convert signal types internally. There's a few very high end receivers that do, but they only convert to a higher quality signal, so you can change a video to an HDMI signal, but not vice versa. The super high end Denons will do that.

So, in order to get a signal to your projector, feed component into your receiver, but also send component out to the projector. Video in = video out, etc.

Bottom line is, your projector is the limitation in your setup. Also, when posting, it's REALLY helpful for you to get the make correct. Your projector is a Viewsonic, not a Sonic Veiw. smile.gif
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