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help with install

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Have a sonic veiw 5123 and new yamaha 573 reciever. I have my ps3 and cable box hooked up to the reciever but my projector isn't showing it. I have that hooked up with a red green blue to rga cord. The projector doesn't have hdmi input. I want to play the ps3 and watch tv in the basement. Just don't know how to make this work. Any help please!
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You will need a component video cable for the PS3, you can't use HDMI if the projector does't have it. I see no cables in the component video of the reciever how do you have the cable box hooked up. If the projector has component in (red,green,blue) thats what you will need for both ps3 and cable box.Cable for PS3 is about $10 on ebay or use the cable that came with the PS3 (yellow,red,white) and use the composit conectors on the projector (480i only)
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Can't use the ps3 componenet bc don't have that hook up on the projector. So have hdmii to reciever from ps3 and have my cable box hooked up to the only coaix cable hook up on the reciever. It says antenna but its the only coaix I see on the reciever. Im buying a hdmi to cga converter tonight. The reciever is reading a hdmi input(ps3) and reading a hdmi output(going to projector) but need something to convert digitial to anolog for projector to display. Sounds like im on the right path u think? Cause im not 100 percent sure.
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forget the hdmi to vga converter... just get a rgb cable (rca plugs on one end) with vga connector on the other end and run/plug it into the projector.

It might help if you actually indicate what boxes (models) you are actually using.
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I wrote what everything was the first paragraph. Veiw sonic projestor and a yamaha 573 reciever. I had the ps3 connected and green blue red to vga connected to reciever and projector. But projector wasn't recognizing that there was an input. That's y I thought it needed a converter. Ill try tomorrow the rca-vga tomorrow but not sure that's gonna work. Note the little box is just comcast box for cable
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You have a PS3 and Cable box? and what else you need to connect to your PJ?

The main point is this.

Your projector wants VGA.

Connect your PS3 directly to your PJ for the video. PS3 VGA cable or component with VGA adapter.
Connect your PS3 via component to the AVR then convert the AVR out to VGA.

Connect your PS3 via HDMI tothe AVR then convert the HDMI to VGA (this is going to cause you the most trouble). It is a full Digital to Analog conversion of HDMI. Things can go wrong.

Is your cable box COAX connected to the ANT ion the back of the AVR? Your receiver does not have a tuner it in to TV. Does you SD cable have a composite out and a remote control? You may not be able to get your TV onto your projector without more equipment.

You have a good amount of confusion going on you need to slow down and sort things out.
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What model is the Acer ? To get it all to work use the yellow, red and white that came with the PS3 to the recievers video input and run a rca cable to projectors video in (yellow jack in picture). As for the cable use an old VCR with a cable tuner in it and use the same RCA cables into the video2 into the reciever. It will all be 480i but what is the native res of projector?
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Thanks alot rekbones. Kmannth was talking a different language. I tryed what u said, but ps3 or cable not working. Checked with another tv and not getting a signal. So gonna go out and get a new cable and try that first. Thanks for ur help. I ordered a analog to digitial converter. Shouldn't of waisted money on this pj but don't have any extra cash to get a good one. When I get this converter, my screen size is at 110 inches at 480i, will the picture shrink when it projects digitial?
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ps3. turn it off. hold dower power button until it beeps. see that yellow cable output works.

cable, you still don't know how it works, it need something that can tune the signal, a vcr tuner is a good cheap idea. You can't hook your cables coax into your receiver the ANT input is for radio not TV.

good luck.
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Ya had an old dvd,vhs player, but dammit, wont power on.lol. bought new componenet and rca cables for ps3. Both give me a signal so I can atleast play ps3 if want to. Thanks alot. I've noticed component gives me 480i where as rca doesn't. But I can hear the game with rcas where I can't with componenet. Gotta trick where I can get the best picture possible and still here the game threw reciever?
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Component can give you 1080p (not that your pj can display that). Go adjust the resolution in your PS3 settings my wild guess is your display is 16:10 but will take a 16:9 720p pretty well. With your PS3 are you doing a component to vga?

With your component cable (RGB) your should have 2 options for sound. The red white cables are stereo can plug into your AVR or if you avr has an optical input you can use an optical cable between your PS3 and AVR.

RCA is standard def only (we can call it 480i). I am sure your pj can take 480p or some higher resolution. Try some different resolution settings in the ps3 and see what works best.
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Aww man ur great. Ill try to play with the ps3. I have ps3 to reciever with componenet. And output from reciever to projector with component to vga. But that gives me no sound. I was looking and I have optical output on ps3 and on the same input on the reciever. I was gonna try that next.
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If you have all 5 cables plugged to your AVR from your PJ you may need to assign the sound input on your AVR, read your manual to see how this should work for your receiver.. You may also need to tell the PS3 to use the analog out in the sounds settings.

You still need optical if you want surround sound.
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Hey Lightning-
Just wanted to warn you--your receiver ain't long for this world with that box (cable?) sitting on top of it.eek.gif It needs to breathe, that's why it has venting on the top of it.wink.gif Heat will cook it!

Just sayin'.....

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Thanks kmannth. Yeah ran optical for sound. So have surround sound. My reciever iis7.1 but ps3 only does 5.1 optical I guess. And my subwoorfer isn't working with the reciever. Ill figure that out. Its a brand new sub and reciever so not sure there just yet. I went threw the options with the ps3 and somehow im getting 1080 to the projector with componenet. Guess I can cancle the converter I bought. Picture looks good. Thanks old corps. It was the ps3 so uill move it off the reciever. That thing was too much to have burned up. Thanks for yalls help. Learned alot too.
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There is not that much discrete 7.1 content out there (bly-rays can have it but not all do). Your receiver should be able to run Dolby PLLx (or what ever it is called today to matrix 5.1 -> 7.1).

Glad your PS3 is working. Good luck with your Cable.
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Yeah think the sub needs power. Gonna try buyong a diff sub that uses both rcas so reciever can give power. I think that's my issue. Ill figure it out. Thanks alot again. If ur ever in the atlantic city area, I owe u lunch.lol.
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RCAs don't provide power.

Is your sub "passive" (no power cord)?
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I know they don't provide power. Seen those that have rca for sound and also have a power cord. Yeah my sub doesn't have a power cord. I found a cable that turns my pos and neg speaker wire into a 1 rca hook up male that goes into the audio input on reciever, but didn't work
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