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So, after about two years I had an Onkyo blow up on me (will not recognize any speakers, will not output sound to any channel, appears to be an HDMI board problem) and am looking to upgrade.

I've narrowed my amp choice down to the XPA-3 or XPA-5. Seems like good quality and bang for the buck. In terms of a pre-pro/receiver I'm completely stuck. I've been looking at Pioneer VSX 1022/1122/60, Pioneer SC 61/27, Denon 1912/1913/2xxx/3xxx. I started to look at Yamaha, then began checking out the Outlaw pre-pro, and suddenly I realized I am just spinning my wheels as philosophically I'm not sure what I should be looking to do.

What am I really looking for here? The receiver, at most, will be powering highs and someday wides. Do I really need anything but an utterly barebones 7.1/7.2 receiver with pre-outs? Of the choices above (or any recommendations you have), what should I get to pair with the Emotiva? I started realizing that maybe spending more than 300-500 on the receiver is a terrible idea, as I'm spending money on an amp I won't use, but I also don't want crappy sound/video quality either.

I'm not a huge fan of pre-pro as I need more than five channels powered, and I tend to not see a lot of value for what you're spending, but I'm willing to be convinced.

This is a workhorse system that's really 50/50 music and video. What recommendations do you guys have for me?

**Slightly off-topic, but what I may do is move a current receiver into the main room and just get a new receiver for the den. While I swore never to buy Onkyo again, I have always been fascinated by the 805. Anyone have any thoughts on how well they're holding up?