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Hello. I am starting to program more in SIMPL and I did a project using System Builder not too long ago. The client wants to add more features, one of them being able to choose a source and send it to one or both displays.

the setup is as follows:


HD-MD8x2 (Cresnet)

8 sources, all HDMI.

2 Sharp LC-70LE rs232

So, the idea is to select a source (assigned to buttons 2-9) and then select a destination (left or right TV, or both)

The logic to apply here is that the last source selected will carry both audio n video. Because the HD-MD8x2 can do breakaway audio, I need mute it so when a source is send to one TV, the other output's audio is disable (muted).

Which symbol(s) can I use to accomplished this? Steppe sounds like a good candidate, but I would like your input or ideas.

Also, there is a delay between the left and right audio signal, due to latency inside the HD-MD8x2

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