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We've got a desk setup on the outskirts of our kitchen. My wife works from home at this desk each day. Currently, we have a computer monitor there which she uses in conjunction with her laptop monitor as a dual monitor station. I just completed a centralized media closet project (where cable box, blu-ray, etc. all run through a receiver, controlled by RF remote) and am thinking of running an HDMI cable from my main receiver in the media closet to this desk area in the kitchen. This would allow us to watch television in the kitchen when my wife isn't using the display to work - like during breakfast and when cooking dinner.

I'm looking for a recommendation of a display that would suit these purposes. Here are the requirements:
1) Needs at least 2 HDMI inputs - one for the feed from the receiver and one for the feed from the laptop to facilitate dual computer monitoring. It might be nice to have VGA/DVI, but that shouldn't be necessary.
2) Must be able to switch between inputs easily, maybe even on the device itself. It needs to be simple enough that my wife can figure out that she needs to change the input if it's showing a television program and she wants it to show her computer desktop.
3) I'm thinking a 24" max display.
4) Remote control would be preferable.

I'm sure there are tons of displays that fit these requirements, but I'm not really sure if I should be looking at computer monitors, or TVs. It seems like TVs would have the best options for HDMI inputs and remote control, but will they work well as a computer monitor? Any recommendations/advice would be appreciated. Thanks.