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LG 55LM7600 and HDMI Cable Length

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I was hoping someone would help me. I am just about to pull the trigger on the LG 55LM7600 LED with 3D technology. I have looked at the TV, gone through all of the reviews. Spoken to people who have calibrated the thing and I am fairly satisfied with the quality of the picture, and where I can get it after calibration.

I currently have a Panny 50inch 720 plasma that I will be replacing. I have 2 HDMI cables running from my receiver to the TV, the receiver is a Yamaha with HDMI switching and 3D support. I am using Dish VIP 622 for my TV content, a Sony 400 Disc DVD player for standard movies, Apple TV, and will be purchasing the Denon DBT-1713UD 3D blu-ray player.

Here is my question/issue: The HDMI runs from the receiver to the current Panny are 1.3a cables and are certified as Category 2, which from what I have been able to garner, means they are "high speed" cables and should support the 3D signaling as well as 1080p for the new TV. However, the runs are 75 feet in length. I have had no quality of signal issues with the Dish receiver or DVD movies at this point, but they are only pushing 720p. Will these cables support the 1080p and 3D signals from the Blu-ray player and Dish receiver, or do I need to run the new Redmere cables from Monoprice (which are only 60 feet max, but do have the chipset in them to eliminate signal loss).

Any help would be appreciated.


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Well, since no one was able to help me and the literature I read on the HDMI specs on Category 2 and High Speed....were different that what the so-called Home Theater experts at a few "HT Specialty" stores in my area told me, I decided to go ahead and just buy the LG 55LM7600, bring it home, hook it up and then just deal with any issues....

So here is the bad news.......(sarcasm..LOL)

It all freakin' works..... I am running 2- 75 foot Category 2 Hdmi 1.3 a cables from my receiver to the new TV. The Dish receiver only outputs 720p, so I had not been able to test 1080p up until now....

First thing I did was take one of the straight runs and connect one end to Xbox 360 and the other to the TV....BAM.....1080p signal with no loss, no degradation, nothing.....played a full game of NHL 13 with my son, 60 minutes...and it was awesome!!!!

Then I ran another test, I routed the Xbox HDMI through my Yamaha receiver....and BAM, 1080p with no issues.

Now I was getting reckless....I had purchased the Panasonic DMP-BDT220 at Best Buy along with The Green Lantern 3D Blu-Ray...i figured even if it did not work, I would just keep it until I ran new cables....my first test, I connected the BR player directly to the TV with one of the 75 foot cables. Turned on the player, loaded the disc, and guess what...BAM....the TV recognized the content as 3D, switch the 3D feature on, and bam I watched Green Lantern in 3D and the Picture was flawless (after I had already calibrated the TV of course).

Final test, will the Yamaha receiver be able to establish and maintain the 3D handshake and signal using the internal switching....and again BAM......

So, all told, I guess I proved the techs at Monoprice wrong, the Home Theater experts at my local specialty store wrong, and myself wrong.....

After a whole bunch of ....it will never work.... it is working...no extra cash on Redmere HDMI cables, Cat 6e cables to run HDMI over Enet with Converters, nothing....just a beautiful TV and a 3D Blu Ray player...

In case anyone was wondering, the 75 foot HDMI cables came from Monoprice back in 2009.
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can you please give me some advice as to how to calibrate the set for all round optimal performance including 3D ..i've used the Picture WizaRd 2 settings on my tv,but it would be nice to get other options...LM6610 TV

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