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Room Screen Changes

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Originally built my HT room 5 years ago and at the time put a DIYTheatre screen paint on the wall for the screen. Contemplating putting in a fixed screen so i can bring it out closer to the front of my hidden speaker wall so it is not recessed so far. Would appreciate any input on how much different a purchased screen will perform over the paint and also am i going to get improved sound by now being able to put my soundproofing on the back wall where the screen paint is now. Thanks..
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Is the plan to go with an AT screen so you can place your speakers behind the screen? I know they are hidden now behind your panels but I think you will definitely enjoy the difference it makes with the sound actually coming from the screen. My guess is you will also notice the difference of having the front wall treated.

What will your viewing distance be if you place the screen on the front of your false wall? Are you considering a 2.35:1 screen?
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An AT screen was an option i wanted to entertain, hadn't had a chance to do any research to see how it affects picture quality. Also not fully up on 2:35:1 vs the 16:9 format of the current screen paint. I currently have a Mits HC5000 PJ but have a JVC RS46 on order from AVS.

Right now viewing distance from front middle seat is about 14', would go to about 12' moving screen up. I could move the front seats back only about 1/2'.

Right now the front wall is treated according to this design with the exception of the screen paint area of the wall.

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I would 2nd the AT screen. I have a 120" 2.35:1 aspect ratio SeymourAV Centerstage XD screen material, and the PQ is fantastic. PJ is Panasonic 8000 shooting from about 16' back. You should have no problem lighting up an AT screen with the JVC. Front row is 11' (give or take a few inches) eyes to the screen, so I wouldn't think 12' away would be too close. That is always a matter of personal opinion though...

What is your current screen size?
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100" wide
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In trying to figure what 2.35:1 screen would work, to keep my 16:9 movies at the same size as my current screen (100"x56") i would have to go to approx 130" wide 2.35 screen. With my front row moving to about 12' from screen (14' now, moving up to allow for speakers behind AT screen), is that too close for that size screen? I don't have the option to move my seating back any.

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You will be at 1.1 screen width from the 2.35 screen. I sit at 1.12 you will be fine if you like to be totally immersed. I think many going by the numbers would go to the 120 and give up a little on 16:9, others like it big and would pick the 130. My curve frenzy project was 140 at your distance. He wanted it BIG!

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I re-measured things this evening, really looking at space needed from back wall for speakers between screen and it looks like i can get closer to 14' from eyeballs to screen. So probably will go with 120" wide 2.35 AT screen, though maybe stretch to 130" wide. Threw a big sheet up and zoomed to 120" at 2.35 for BattleShip Blu-Ray, wow what a difference that screen size is for that movie format....

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I would be tempted to bring the AT screen 3 - 3.5' forward, and keep the 2.35 AT screen size down to 120" or even slightly less, to bring up the
lumens, and shorten the speaker throw distance. The shorter distance to the seats, would put more high frequency information at the front row.
The center channel would be raised.

SeymourAV Centerstage XD material in a minimally framed front wall, would be a very nice, and very affordable set up. You could also build some
magnetically attached side masking panels for 16:9 images, if you put in a few metal plates near the ends of the screen.

The deeper AT space could be put to work with larger bass traps, a treated front wall, and multitple subs.
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I'm 12' from a 136" wide AT screen (for cinemascope format movies that is), lighting with an RS20 - I love that level of immersion, and the brightness has been fine for my taste (at about 1100 hours on the bulb - was getting a little dim, thought I'd need to swap out the bulb soon, but cleaning the bulb face and prism brightened it right up again - am using High lamp mode now though).
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