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Best 5.1 surround receiver for 300

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New at this game so any help I would appreciate thanks.
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There is no one receiver that is best for everyone for $300.

You need to provide more info.

1. What will you be connecting to the receiver. What is your TV?
2. are they all HDMI devices? If not what other connections do you need?
3. how big is the room?
4. What speakers do you already have? Subwoofer?
5. Do you need networking? (pandora streaming, internet radio, etc)
6. What % of movies & TV vs gaming vs music listening?

Once we have more info from you'll it'l be easier to make a suggestion.
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I have a blu ray player and a pioneer 60 inch kuro plasma tv. My room is 20 feet by 15 feet in have no subwoofer. Nor do I think I need one I don't for see any new stuff that I will need does that help narrow it down a bit thanks
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Sorry I didn't respond to the other post I watch mostly movies and tv, some local radio stations i have a i-pod dock not into gaming. What Internet device would you recommend for getting Netflix. Thanks
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Does your Blu Ray player have Netflix streaming? Alot of the newer ones do.
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Yes I checked it's Sony bdp model number s300
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The s300 is an older player if that model number is correct, probably back from 2007-08. I don't think it has Netflix or Pandora streaming unless a firmware update allows that.

You never mentioned what brand speakers you have so I'll have to assume they're not hard to drive.

If you have a Fry's close by they have an Onkyo 7.2 receiver on sale for $299. 8 HDMI inputs, 2 outputs, network streaming etc. It is either the RC460 or NR515.

They also have Pioneer VSX-1022 for $249.

If no Fry's close by then Amazon has the Pioneer for $249 also

Onkyo NR515

Yamaha VS-X473

any of these receivers will be fine.
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Thanks for your help I will choose one of these and let you know how it works out thanks again Warwick
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