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So I guess my parents are getting a decent tax refund this year and are upgrading their TV. They've already picked out a 60" Vizio LED(they're pretty adamant about this one. They've got a 47" that has been good for a while now and they like the price). I suggested they look at a HTiB as well to replace their 20 yo Bose stereo(don't laugh. I've already laughed enough behind their backs). They say that they've been pretty impressed with the sound coming from the TV eek.gif I said that it's just because they don't know how good it can be. So I've been doing some shopping and I came across the Onkyo HT-S3500 and the Sony BDVE390. They'd really like to stick to the $200-$300 range. They're not audio/videophiles so they don't need anything over the top. Just entry level equipment.

Has my shopping turned up anything good?

EDIT: So I'm kind of an idiot. I failed to see that the Onkyo didn't have a Bluray player. Would it be just as good to use an already owned Bluray player on the Onkyo?
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