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Hey guys new here this be my first post. I just got the 47LM6700 to replace a 32 inch Samsung LCD that was just not cutting it. Found it for a steal at Frys for $649 here in Fremont, CA. I noticed that when I go to My Apps, there is about 385 MB free space to install apps. My questions is, can I install the apps on an external USB drive (or a SD card on a card reader).

Loving the TV so far but I have found a shortcoming. If you play a 3d movie directly from a source such as a Blue Ray player, or an external drive connected directly to a TV, when you hit the 3d button on the magic remote a 3D menu pops up. This menu allows you to specify what type of 3D content is playing eg Half Side by Side etc. However, if you connect a PC to the HDMI (there by turning the TV into a monster PC screen) and play the same 3D content through the PC, the TV does not popup the 3D source type menu. It just puts the screen in the dual picture mode.
So now, if you want to successfully play the same content with the same effect. you have to do the translation on the PC and then send to TV. Wonder why the would not allow the TV to do the translation.