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Need Sub advice - under $1500

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Can someone give me some ideas of a good sub under $1500 to go with Paradigm Studio 100 v3's. My receiver is a Pioneer Elite SC-55. I have the original Paradigm Servo-15 but I think it is finally going.


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Go with dual SVS PB12 NSD's


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Take a look at the FV15HP, you would need almost three of the SVS PB12-NSD's to equal one FV15HPs.
Here's the number of both subs to would show this.

I would also look at the PSA XV30 if its size and looks don't bother you.
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I'm looking in this price range as well and have narrowed down my search to the Rythmik F15HP and the PSA XS30 (both sealed), but the ported versions of each have more output.
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I have a rythmik FV15HP in an 18x14x8 foot room in a system with PSB Stratus Gold mains on Brytson 3bst amps. The sub blends fantastically with the Golds for movies and music and I haven;t even set it up properly yet. I've heard your speakers in a decent room and they're slightly less warm than mine, and slightly more detailed. Based on how the sub sounds in my system I'd expect you to get a perfect match. I replaced a Hsu vtf3mk2 and the difference was phenominal, I highly recommend the rythmik. I was a bit hesotant on getting the vented sub but it sounds fantastic with music, cleaner and slighlty punchier than running the Golds without the sub, and the golds are very capable down low.
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Rythmik FV15HP or PSA XS30. I love my Rythmik
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