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Optoma TX 631 3D Colors

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Hi Guys, I need some help before I send this unit back. I purchased an Optoma TX 631 3D in early December, I have 3 hours on the bulb. It never has had really nice color. I read a few threads about one guy that said he watches movies on his and that it was clearer and nicer than his parents flat screen. I finally called the company I purchased it from and they told me to try adj. resolutions but that didn't help. They then told me to call Optoma and I did, they said if I tried everything that it's probably the unit. I hooked it up to my Panasonic DMR EH69 yesterday instead of my laptop and put in Avatar, the picture on my 2001 36" Toshiba was probably twice are nice as the colors on the screen from the Optoma. I'm not really good with these things and before I go thru the routine of having to send it back and them to replace it, I was wondering if anyone has any info or am I just expecting too much and that the colors aren't going to be like a flat screen. Thanks Peter
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Can anyone help me out ?
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Am I in the wrong area of this forum for projector advice?
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What size of screen are you using? What is your ambient light situation? Your image can be easily washed out.
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I've tried it on different size screens. My son's 7'X 13' mine 4'x 6'8" I've also tried different lighting dark to daylight.
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Have you tried to calibrate the projector? Have your tried any of its video modes?

How many lumens are you setup for?

You have a white screen in your living room?
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Not sure what you mean by calibrate ?
Tried all the video modes.
I have a professional HD screen ( grey in color) but I've tried it on white ones also.
I was talking to my son and the day I got it we tried it on his screen and he said he remembered it being washed out. He thinks it's a bad color wheel.
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Calibrate as in set brightness slider? Move the color slider up and down?

DVE? Disney WOW? anything like that? Bulb high low?

It could be you have a broken unit. It is hard to say from what has been discussed on this thread. Your son saw it on a 7 x 13 screen? I would expect a budget pj to be a tad washed out.
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