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Looking for a Receiver with "multi-room" capabilities

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So I'm moving into a new place soon. This place has wiring for surround sound in the main living room area. It also has built in speakers in a couple of other rooms (the kitchen, office, and deck).

What I am looking for is a device that will do the surround sound for the TV in the main living room, but also - at the same time - can play music in the other rooms. I understand this is called having a second zone. I talked to a professional about this and he wanted to sell me some very expensive equipment - receiver, amp. remotes.

Can someone recommed something inexpensive that will do what I want it to do? Do I actually need a separate amplifier, or can the Receiver do it all itself? For what it's worth, I intend to hook up a big screen (55-60") TV, possibly 3D capable (since most of them seem to be these days) in the living room with a blu ray player as well.

Thank you for your help.
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You want either a 5.1 or 7.1 AVR which has Zone 2 pre-outs to another 2CH amp in which to power the extra rooms. If you only have a 5.1 setup in the main zone, consider the Denon 1713 ("call" avscience.com or Electronics Expo for their best price) and the AMP-100. You'll also want a 4-zone impedance matching speaker selector if the extra rooms don't have their own impedance matching volume control switches.
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Thank you so much for your reply.

So, when I have those, I hook the main living room speakers up to the Receiver, and hook the Amp up to the "pre-outs" and then hook the other room speakers to the Amp? Does this Amp. have enough hook ups for approximately 8 speakers? (2 on the deck, 2 in the office, 2 in the study, and 2 in the kitchen?)

I don't know anything about "impedance matching" but each room does have a volume control in the wall for that room's speakers.

If you can't tell, I know next to nothing about audio systems. Is it complicated to set up and get working properly?

Thank you again.
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Yes, the AVR connections are correct. Where you connect the other zone speakers depends. If the volume control switches have a jumper or dip switch that can be set to control the impedance, then you would connect the 4 sets of speakers to the FL/FR speaker posts on the 2CH amp (ie. there are not 4 sets of speakers posts), otherwise, if not, you'll connect them to the 4 sets of speaker posts on the 4-zone speaker selector I linked to and then connect the 4-zone selector to the FL/FR speaker posts on the 2CH amp. The previously linked speaker selector is a manual selector, while for more $$$ you can get a selector that is either controlled by IR remote control or smart phone as noted in the below system.

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Will the AMP 100 amp work correctly with an Onkyo 515 Receiver? Is that a good receiver? It was one that was recommended by the "professional." I also think we actually have a 7.2 system.

I just want to make sure the parts will all be compatible.
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