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Had this LG 42SL9500 (exclusive to Dixons) for almost 3 years.

Over the past year, the screen has developed a strange fault.

its best described what looks like , a snail trail on the right side of the screen, and also slightly middle-bottom.

i have attached a picture taken while i was in service menu test white balance section.

Note: this fault only appears on HDMI inputs, and does not manifest itself on the tv's inbuilt test patterns within the Service Menu ??? rolleyes.gif

I contagted LG, but was a waste of time as its outside warranty and they didnt care to help at all.

Took it to a tv repair center and they said "new screen (£500)" , so thats obviously not an option.

here is a pic i took of the fault . fault areas are circled in yellow. you can see a weird stain / snail-trail mark.

I use a 4to2 matrix HDMI switchbox. thinking it was the problem, i removed it and tested several devices directly into each TV HDMI input socket, same result on all 4 inputs.

would appreciate any useful comments as to what this fault might be. thanks