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I have been lurking for a while and basically trying to budget for a dedicated home theater. I will be doing all of the work myself, but will not be doing any DIY speakers. I will build my own media server for about 1,500.

I have a budget for the all of the components indluding 3D projector and speakers of about 15K. I am thinking about going the "SEPERATES" way rather than with an AV receiver.

I am asking for a little guidance because I have only ever owned AV receivers and this is my first dedicated home theater...

I know this is a very opened end question... but if you had this budget what components would you buy I guess is a way of putting it. Don't need name brands if that is not allowed, but comonent types if necessary...

Thank you,

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Welcome to the madness! A few questions first....

What sort of room are you creating? Is your theater going to be mostly movies, HDTV, gaming, etc? Are you big into 2 channel music, or is the system pretty much always using the full surround system? Do you want your subs to augment the system, or do you want subs that make your neighbors think it is about to rain when there is a storm playing your theater?

Although we all want great everything, if you had to pick are you more interested in a great visual experience or a great surround sound experience?

On the room side, is your room all set, any pics to share? (we love pics here!)
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Thank you for your reply. I guess I would say the following...

First I am a type A guy who likes to know just about everything he intends to purchase on a list so it can be ordered and waiting.
I am in the process of desiging the theater and as soon as I have it completed I will attach.

The theater is going to be for movies and gaming with the occasional football game. As far as audio vs video I am looking for high quality sound as I think audio has the capability to take the experience to a whole different level. With that said I do want solid video. I do not need the bass to wake my neighbors but I do want to feel it. Because this is a dedicated theater I would look for 7.1 with little to no 2 channel use.

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The amplifiers from Outlaw Audio and Emotiva are highly regarded Internet only brands with a high Value propostition. I personally have been running an Outlaw 7 channel amp for over 5 years without issue, Several of my clients have been happy with Emotiva Amps. I don't know your resistance to DIY speakers, The SEOS kits over at DIYsoundgroup.com are pretty hot right now. Imagine using premium electronics and sticking them in a flat pack cabinet cut on a CNC machine and buying the cabinet at cost. That is the current busines model. I personally haven't bought a commercial speaker since 1969. I like to roll my own.

Just another note about separates, A good number of us use the preamp processing benefits of a mass marketed receiver and send the un-amplified signals to a separate amp. I use the Denon 4311ci in such a set up. It even has an internal setting to turn the amplifier section off. You can buy a separate pre/pro but the economics is often there to just take a receiver and in essence throw the amp section away.
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